Migrate From Egnyte to SharePoint With 100% Replication

Migrate From Egnyte to SharePoint

When your organization prepares to initiate an Egnyte to SharePoint Online migration, you must plan and strategize it in such a way that it accommodates 100% data replication. By having complete data replication, you can avoid multiple migration iterations, saving time, cost, and effort.

This post describes the essential factors to consider to achieve complete data transfer from Egnyte to SharePoint Online.

Maintain File/Folder Hierarchy

One of the most vital factors to check when your company decides to migrate from Egnyte to SharePoint is to maintain the same file/folder hierarchy. Any changes in the file or folder structure or order will lead to inconsistent data or make it difficult to access them.

Hence, your IT team must choose a cloud data migration tool that preserves the file/folder structure while transferring Egnyte data to SharePoint Online.

Transfer File Features

Your organization’s internal IT team must understand that migrating data is not a straightforward data dump between two clouds. You must also consider moving the associated file features for complete reflection of source data in the destination cloud.

Consider migrating the following file features:

File/Folder Permissions

When you migrate Egnyte to SharePoint Online, you must ensure that all the files and folders are accessible in the destination cloud platform without any hassle. You can make data accessibility seamless in the target cloud by granting the same root and inner-level file and folder permissions as available in the source environment.

Preserve Links Without any Breakages 

Achieving seamless link migration is a critical aspect of transitioning from Egnyte to SharePoint with 100% replication. The various types of links include external, shared, and embedded links. Ensuring that all these links are seamlessly transferred without any breakages is essential for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of your data.

Therefore, your IT team must consider migrating all types of links when you migrate Egnyte data to SharePoint Online. To proceed with this step, pick a data migration tool that offers seamless links migration service.

Migrate Incremental Changes

Migrating data from Egynyte to SharePoint Online does not stop with a one-time migration. Instead, your internal migration team must perform an incremental or delta migration to reflect the latest changes at the source cloud during or after the migration process.

But in order to achieve this, your company must select a cloud data migration tool that supports delta migration in the first place.

Security Protocols

By implementing strong security protocols, your company can avoid the risk of data loss or data discrepancies when planning to migrate Egnyte to SharePoint Online. Your company must choose a data migration tool with robust encryption and an authentication protocol like OAuth 2.0. It ensures you can transfer all source data to the destination cloud without losing any data and maintaining 100% data replication.

Migration Reports

After following the vital steps towards achieving 100% data replication, you can confirm the results by validating the migration reports. So, your IT team must ensure the shortlisted migration tool can produce accurate reports.

You can understand whether your team has achieved the desired results by validating the data volume and integrity checks in the migration report.

CloudFuze is a leading data migration vendor that provides end-to-end migration support for all cloud-to-cloud data transfers, including email, messages, and links data.

It meets all the above-discussed factors to ensure 100% data replication when migrating from Egnyte to SharePoint. Its powerful migration capabilities make it the best choice for organizations of all sizes to perform a secure, fast, and efficient data migration.

To know more details, reach out to our data migration team.

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