Migrate Egnyte to SharePoint While Retaining Timestamps

When your organization plans to migrate from Egnyte to SharePoint Online, it is critical that you migrate all the files from the source to the destination, including the timestamps. Timestamps are crucial components of any file. It serves as an important marker that can reveal critical information such as the creation, modification, and access history of files and documents.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of timestamp preservation during cloud data migration. Furthermore, we will provide you with a solution through which you can migrate Egnyte to SharePoint while retaining timestamps.

Importance of Preserving Timestamps During Egnyte to SharePoint Migration

It is essential that you migrate from Egnyte to SharePoint with timestamps. It helps your organization in different scenarios. Such as;

  • Maintain Continuity

When you migrate your files and documents to a new cloud platform like SharePoint Online with the timestamps, you can understand the context and history of files. It will help you maintain continuity and figure out the order of events.

  • Business Workflow

Timestamps are important in processing business workflows. Migrating them from Egnyte to SharePoint will help you track the progress. Most importantly, you can ensure that the workflow is functioning as expected after the migration.

  • Data Integrity

When you preserve the timestamp while migrating your files to SharePoint Online, you ensure that the data integrity is maintained throughout the migration. In other words, the information about when the file is created or modified is replicated at the destination.
Apart from the above points, preserving the timestamp can be helpful in meeting compliance and legal requirements. Thus, when you have migrated files and documents from Egnyte to SharePoint with timestamps, you ensure that all the records are updated and maintained accurately.

Now this question must have crossed your mind that is how to migrate the timestamps from the source cloud to the destination cloud. The answer is in the next section.

Smoothly Migrate Timestamps from Egnyte to SharePoint with CloudFuze

We are the leading migration partner who can help you migrate and preserve the timestamps at the destination, in this case, SharePoint Online. That means you can retain the creation and modification of dates and times when migrating your data to SharePoint.

Once you use our platform for your organization’s Egnyte to SharePoint migration requirements, tick the checkbox named ‘Preserve Timestamp’ under the migration option. To get a clear picture, refer to the screenshot below.

Preserve Timestamps

After choosing the migration option, proceed with the next steps and perform the migration.

Here are the screenshots showing the timestamp of a particular file at Egnyte is preserved at SharePoint.

At Source (Egnyte): The file named ‘Combinations.xlsx’ is modified on Feb 27, 2024 at 2:32 PM.

Folder Project RoadMap

At Destination (SharePoint) – The screenshot below shows that the same file named ‘Combinations.xlsx’ has successfully migrated to SharePoint with the same timestamp, i.e., February 27, 2024.


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