Pre-Migration Analysis for Egnyte to SharePoint Online Migration

Egnyte to SharePoint Online Migration

Egnyte to SharePoint Online migration requires meticulous planning and a comprehensive pre-migration analysis to ensure a seamless and successful transition. By streamlining pre-migration analysis, your team can plan a precise scope of work and ensure proper preparation for the migration organization-wide.

1. Planning

Start with the planning phase for your organization’s Egnyte to SharePoint Online migration. The entire phase can be segmented into the following stages:

A. Evaluate Your Egnyte Environment

During the evaluation phase, prioritize the primary assessment task listed below:

  • Create a comprehensive record of all data stored in Egnyte, including files, folders, and the way they are arranged.
  • Understand user roles, file-sharing patterns, and folder hierarchy to evaluate the intricacy of the Egnyte environment.

B. Define the Scope of Migration

The next needle mover is to plan and finalize the scope of work for the migration project. This includes finalizing the number of user accounts and data size to migrate. The scope of work also includes other important aspects such as:

  • The features to migrate
  • The type of migration service required (managed or self-service)
  • The number of delta migrations needed
  • The type of post-migration support required (E.g., target cloud onboarding and management)

C. Maintaining File/Folder Hierarchy

During the planning stage of Egnyte to SharePoint Online migration, it is also crucial to keep the file/folder arrangement intact. To do this, ensure that the migration tool can replicate folder structure in the destination cloud.

D. Consider File Features Before Migration

It is best to migrate all the features that help ensure the complete replication of the Egnyte environment in SharePoint Online and Onedrive for Business.

  • File/Folder Permissions: It is a must to migrate all the root and inner sharing permissions to ensure unrestricted access to the migrated files and folders in Sharepoint Online.
  • Shared and Embedded Links: Since embedded links are a crucial aspect of documents, it is important to migrate them accurately along with shared links.

2. Choose The Best Migration Tool

The migration tool your company chooses plays an important role in determining the migration’s success. Therefore, it is critical to partner with the right migration service provider. At CloudFuze, we have helped many global businesses successfully migrate from Egnyte to Sharepoint Online and Onedrive for Business with completed replication.  Whether it is emails, messages, content, links, whiteboards, or shared drives, our platform ensures a comprehensive and seamless migration process.

3. Prioritize Delta Migration

The process of transferring data from Egnyte to SharePoint Online extends beyond the one-time migration phase. It is also important to perform one or more delta migrations to transfer all the incremental changes from Egnyte to SharePoint Online. Accordingly, make sure that the migration tool you use supports single and multiple delta migrations.

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