Microsoft 365 Case Studies: CloudFuze Creating Success Stories

Moving away from storage-oriented clouds to embrace a robust cloud suite like Microsoft 365 isn’t a simple feat to achieve. And the larger the organization size, the more complex it can become to adopt Microsoft 365 in ways that augment business growth.

However, the right roadmap backed by insights-driven strategies can help. And it has certainly worked in favor of some of the most prestigious organizations like Michigan State University, Gatwick Airport, and Stryker. They leveraged CloudFuze’s industry-leading migration capabilities to make the switch in the most strategic ways.

Check out our Microsoft 365 case studies to explore how organizations worlwide have leveraged CloudFuze’s migration capabilities.

More Than a Decade of Creating Microsoft 365 Migration Success Stories

CloudFuze has helped businesses small and large (of all industries) migrate to Microsoft 365 successfully and fully utilize OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and other apps to their advantage. Our managed migration service (white glove service) plays an integral role in helping businesses avoid the heavy lifting and remove the steep learning curve (of complex migrations) for their IT teams. The complete handholding further enables businesses and their IT teams focus on other critical aspects, such as change management, that are crucial to creating Microsoft 365 success stories.

This Gartner review highlights how the availability of a dedicated migration manager backed by a full-fledged team helps avoid roadblocks during the migration.

CloudFuze Box to Office 365 migration Gartner Review

CloudFuze’s Microsoft Gold Partnership-backed Migration Support

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CloudFuze provides businesses of all sizes with high priority support for all types of technical complications. With the privilege of accessing priority support from teams at Microsoft, we do not limit the scope of customizations which, in turn, helps meet unique/highly specific migration needs.

Here is an excerpt of a Microsoft Office 365 case study highlighting CloudFuze’s Microsoft 365 Gold Partnership-backed support that worked in favour of the mentioned organization to meet the migration goals.

Brief case study

Industry-leading Solutions for Complete Cloud Office Migrations

CloudFuze’s success as a migration service provider in creating Microsoft 365 success stories over a decade lies in its industry-leading tool capabilities and services designed to help businesses perform complete cloud office migrations. Unlike other tools in the market, CloudFuze caters to all core aspects of undertaking a comprehensive corporate move, including:

  • Transferring user accounts and data (files/folders) while eliminating the issue of broken links
  • Migrating email systems
  • Moving communications (messages)
  • Ensuring proper conversion of source cloud-specific files (e.g., Box Notes)
  • Migrating whiteboard data sets
  • Merging tenants

A combination of uncompromised security and accuracy backs these services that help businesses align the migration project with their long-term growth goals.

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