Streamline Dropbox Migration & Consolidation into Microsoft 365

Planning a Dropbox migration to Microsoft 365 for fully consolidating your business’s cloud operations into the Microsoft 365 suite requires comprehensive planning. It is equally important to take a granular approach in setting up the action plan in ways that can help streamline the entire journey.

Here are some action items that your IT team can implement into your organization’s Dropbox to Microsoft 365 migration action plan and streamline the entire consolidation process.

Segregate the Migration of Individual Data and Dropbox Team Folders

One of the most important areas to address in order to streamline the journey is to consider the migration of individual/unshared data and shared data/Dropbox Team folders as separate entities. This translates into migrating them in separate servers if your organization is on a time crunch to complete the migration within a short timeframe. If there are no deadline constraints, your IT team can use the servers to migrate unshared and shared data alternatively as opposed to simultaneously.

Your IT team can further streamline this process by segregating data as per specific sizes and allocating the servers accordingly. For example, when planning the migration of individual files and folders from Dropbox to OneDrive, categorize them with size filters and prepare the user batches accordingly. This approach allows you to further optimize the migration performance and ensure seamlessness in the throughput.

Prepare a Unified SOW to Streamline Approvals

It goes without saying that approvals from internal teams can cause a significant delay in moving the migration project further to the execution stage. To streamline this process, your IT team can take the approach of preparing a comprehensive scope of work (SOW) that includes all the items to be migrated to Microsoft 365.

The SOW can also include the number and types of servers required for the entire migration project. Adding any customization work that your organization wants also helps further unify the SOW and send them for approvals to the finance and legal team.

Ensure Optimum Readiness in OneDrive and SharePoint Online

Apart from performing a pre-migration analysis of the source cloud Dropbox, it is also crucial to prepare OneDrive and SharePoint Online by pre-provisioning Microsoft user accounts. Our migration tool has a built-in feature that displays the pre-provisioned status of Microsoft 365 accounts.

OneDrive and SharePoint Online
It is equally important to prepare relevant SharePoint Online sites where your IT team can migrate specific user accounts and their shared data. This step also helps maintain and improve user collaboration and streamline the mapping and validation process.

Migrate Other Services Used in Tandem with Dropbox

Apart from migrating the Dropbox drive itself, it is critical to plan the migration of other apps that your organization has integrated into Dropbox. This is the industry-standard practice to migrate comprehensively and consolidate into Microsoft 365.

Ensure that your IT team’s Dropbox to Microsoft 365 action plan includes the migration of these additional/third-party apps in a proper way:

  • Chat messaging app
  • Email service

Explore More Scope to Streamline Your Organization’s Migration

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