Copy Box to SharePoint Online With Structured Validation

Is your business planning to copy files from Box to SharePoint Online? Before you kick start the process, assessing and validating the migration results is essential to know whether it was successful.

Read on to learn how CloudFuze’s managed migration team helps ensure proper validation after transferring Box files to SharePoint Online.

What Is Structured Validation Through a Data Migration Report?

A structured validation of Box to SharePoint Online migration involves verifying the accuracy and completeness of the migration process from the source to the destination cloud. You can achieve it by evaluating the data migration report that provides comprehensive details of the migration process.

Structured validation is essential for ensuring successful data transfer by cross-verifying the migration parameters and resolving any identified potential gaps.

How Do You Perform a Structured Validation After You Migrate Box Files to Sharepoint Online?

Our data migration specialists at CloudFuze help implement a structured validation when you migrate Box files to SharePoint Online by assessing the following parameters in the data migration report.

Migration Timeline

Before starting the migration process, your business team would have estimated the timeline to copy files from Box to SharePoint Online. Validating the start and end time in the migration report shows whether the process has been completed within the planned time limit.

Any delay in the actual timeline gives a hint to optimize the migration in order to speed up the process.

CloudFuze experts evaluate the migration timeline and provide necessary measures to ensure Box to SharePoint Online migration is completed within the planned project timeline.

Source and Destination Path

After successfully copying files from Box to SharePoint Online, verifying the source and destination file/folder paths is essential. It ensures moving source data to the destination cloud in the pre-planned path.

CloudFuze provides auto-mapping of source, and destination user accounts based on email ids and offers an alternate method of mapping user accounts through CSV files.

CloudFuze’s managed migration team compares and cross-verifies the source and destination paths in the migration report vs. the CSV user mapping file to rule out discrepancies.

Data Volume

Once you migrate Box files to SharePoint Online, how can we ensure that there has been no data loss?

We can confirm whether every batch’s data size matches the values in the migration report.
For example, if a batch of 25 users equaling 25 TB of data is transferred from Box to SharePoint, it is a must to check the migration report and confirm that all data is migrated.

CloudFuze performs data volume check through a structured validation to ensure the same data size gets transferred from individual batches to the destination cloud.

Number of Folders and Files Migrated

While migrating data from Box to SharePoint Online, there might be a risk of missing or corrupted folders/files. But how can you identify if some files or folders are missing in the destination?

We can overcome this issue by verifying the total number of files/folders migrated in the data migration report and ensuring we move the same number of Box files to SharePoint.

Conflicts and Warnings

Structured validation for Box to SharePoint Online migration also helps identify conflicts or warnings during migration. Our managed migration experts rigorously scan through the migration report and address any potential warnings or conflicts in it with the necessary actions to rectify them.

Through CloudFuze’s structured validation, you can completely understand your data migration project and make better-informed migration decisions in the future.

Contact our cloud data migration experts to thoroughly assess and validate Box to SharePoint Online migration.

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