CloudFuze Workspaces for ECM with Peer Collaboration

Enterprise Content Management solutions like SharePoint, Documentum and CMIS offer seamless integration of enterprise data and a more organized way to access file based on employee roles. Data access can be granted to employees based on the groups within the enterprise network. The benefits of ECM systems are many but still there is huge need for peer collaborative features for a perfect content management solution that can reach across enterprises.

CloudFuze’s Workspaces feature answers the collaboration needs of enterprises by enabling workers to set up shared spaces that reach across different file/storage options, connect employees and enable peer collaboration.

Inside a CloudFuze workspace users can create their own groups. For example, the accounting team of a company may be integrated with many divisions like sales, human resources, purchasing and others. CloudFuze can be used to create a group for file sharing across accounting, sales, human resources and purchasing so files can be easily shared among the groups.

The owner of a CloudFuze workspace can also set different file permissions for each member inside each workspace. Permission levels include edit, delete and co-owner levels. This gives appropriate access to reviewers versus potential editors. Also, native file rules and permissions as defined by the IT administrator are also upheld. CloudFuze also maintains a detailed log for each file pulled into a workspace. Users can even comment on the documents such that it will appear in the file activity log. Employees can also select specific files from ECM services like Sharepoint, Documentum and CMIS to be shared within a workspace group.

The end result is CloudFuze workspaces enable employees to work collaboratively with different groups of people and seamlessly include files regardless of where they are stored.

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