Collaborate Using Group Workspaces



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  • Establish a shared cloud workspace for documents/files for a group or project.
  • Pull files into the virtual workspace regardless of storage service.
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency and collaboration ability for your groups and projects with a single easy to find and access file repository.


Step by Step Instructions for Using Workspace for Multi-Cloud Collaboration

Step 1 :

  • Log in and set up the “Workspace”.
  • After logging in, click on “Workspace” (far left menu). Then click on “Create Workspace” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on WorkSpace

Click on Workspace


Click On CreateWorkspace

Step 2 :

  • Set up the Workspace, invite members and set permissions for the members.
  • After clicking on “Create Workspace,” you will be taken to a screen for setting up the Workspace.
    • =>In the first field enter a name for the Workspace. This makes it easy to organize and find a Workspace when you have many.
    • =>Next enter the CloudFuze login emails for the people that you wish to invite to this Workspace. (Note that to use the CloudFuze Workspace feature, you must have a CloudFuze account).
    • =>In the third field, you can enter any notes that the members of the Workspace will see.
    • =>Next click on “Advanced Settings” to set user permissions and also a password if you wish to require one for access to your Workspace. For each member, you can grant View, Edit and Co-Owner (ability to manage the Workspace itself) permissions.

Create Workspace

Create Workspace

Step 3 :

  • Pull files into this Workspace.
  • Next you will be prompted to add files to the Workspace. You can pull files from any of the cloud storage accounts that you have added to your CloudFuze account.
  • These files will then be accessible by all members of the Workspace in this shared area.
  • At any time you can add more files by going to “Files”, selecting individual files by clicking on the box and then clicking on the Workspace icon above the list of files.


add files to workspace

  Step 4:  

  • Manage and track the files inside the Workspace.
  • When you click on “Workspace” on the icon menu at the far left of the screen, you are taken to a list of your existing Workspaces.
  • From here, you can select the Workspace that you wish to access by clicking on it.
  • Once inside the Workspace, you can see a list of files included in this area and also a log of recent actions.
  • In this log, you can check actions like edits, accesses, etc. You can also add comments for a specific file/document by clicking on the comment icon to the right of the file name.


workspace activites

  Step 5: 

  • Manage the Workspace and its members and permissions.
  • From the main screen for the Workspace in the previous step, you can manage the users, permissions and other attributes of the Workspace.
  • First, click on “Edit Workspace” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From here, you are taken to a form like the one that you completed to initially set up the Workspace.
  • You can make changes to the name, the notes and the members at the top, and by clicking on “Advanced Settings” you can delete members, change their permissions and also set a password for the Workspace.

workspace share

share your workspace