Cloud Migration ROI for A Complete Cloud Office Transfer

Cloud Migration ROI for A Complete Cloud

Moving from one cloud office to another may have got to do with specific business use cases, such as data governance and security. However, no organization can overlook the ROI part of it to ensure they utilize their migration investments in the most strategic ways.

Explore this post to get insights into all-things cloud migration ROI, how to calculate and maximize it for your organization’s upcoming cloud office migration.

Cloud Office Migration ROI

When it comes to cloud migration ROI, it is mostly about determining the return your company can get from the migration spend through variables, such as:

  • Cost-savings from the new cloud office
  • IT man hours saved
  • Elimination of security loopholes

Cloud Migration ROI Calculator

We have made it easy for you and your team to get practical (if not exact) ROI estimates through our free cloud office migration ROI calculator. Download it from here and simplify your organization’s ROI calculation for upcoming cloud migration projects.

Strategies to Improve Migration ROI for Your Business

Although the cost-effectiveness of the migration tool/service provider plays a primary role in determining your organization’s cloud migration ROI, there are several other ways how your IT team can make the most out of the migration and improve returns, both short and long-term.

Here are some of the actionable insights that can inform your migration planning and help improve the migration project’s ROI.

Align All the Business Growth Goals With the Migration

The best way to leverage the migration project is to use it as an opportunity to achieve your business’s short and long-term goals. Address every critical aspect of your organization’s use case of planning the migration project.

For example, if your use case is cloud cost savings, then your IT team and other teams involved in the migration project must ensure that the cost of undertaking the migration should justify the cost savings benefits from the target cloud during the first year and subsequent years.

Avoid Annual License Commitments

Regardless of the size of the migration project your organization plans to undertake, it is best to avoid annual license models (of the migration tool) to maximize cloud migration ROI. Smaller businesses in particular end up spending more and lowering ROI as the annual licensing model can be overkill as per the migration needs.

At CloudFuze, we offer the most flexible pricing that is specifically tailored to the migration needs. In other words, you only pay for the tool capabilities your business’s migration project requires. Contact our team to learn how our non-annual pricing model can help you improve your cloud migration ROI.

Leverage White Glove Migration Services

Undertaking the migration project with the in-house IT team often raises the risk of errors, which, in turn, can become costly to fix, eventually defeating the purpose of achieving the most favorable cloud storage migration ROI.

Compared to internal IT effort, cloud migration managed services are the best for businesses, especially SMBs, to take the guesswork out of the migration and streamline the entire data transfer process.

With a white glove service, your IT team can avoid the steep learning curve that comes with complex migrations. This helps your business shift IT focus on other priorities, such as change management.

Ensure Proper Adoption of the Destination Cloud Office

Since proper user adoption plays a critical role in making the most out of the target cloud environment, it is important that your organization places emphasis on proper user training and onboarding. With all the end-users and their teams using the apps and other tools efficiently, your management can improve cloud spend ROI in the subsequent years.

If you do not have the in-house bandwidth to ensure proper management of the new cloud office your organization has migrated to, it is best to outsource it. For Microsoft 365 management, our managed services cover almost all parameters needed for robust management of everyday operations.

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