Simplifying Box Migration to Google Drive With Folder Display

Simplifying Box Migration to Google Drive

If your organization has planned Box migration to Google Drive in the near future, it is important to identify and implement efficient data migration methods. Conventional data mapping methods become quite intricate and laborious to execute, especially when numerous user accounts have multiple folders and files within each account.

In this blog post, let us explore how CloudFuze’s folder display functionality can help simplify Box to Google Drive migration through a non-complex mapping approach.

Significance of Folder Mapping Approach For Box Migration to Google Drive

The traditional CSV data mapping approach helps map data from source user accounts to destination accounts. But one of the things to know before you move Box files to Google Drive is that CSV mapping can be complicated to select data granularly, especially with too many files or folders.

Let us assume that your organization’s data analysts have hundreds of folders in each user account. Some folders contain raw data, while others have processed and cleaned data. How do you map only the folders containing processed data from the source to the destination cloud?

Though the CSV data mapping method is the most common and straightforward way of mapping data, it can take the time and effort of your internal IT team to reflect the granular data selection.

Folder display mapping is one of the features offered by CloudFuze, that makes choosing the desired files simpler and more easily manageable. You can quickly identify the necessary.
folders/files, select them in the checkboxes, and map them with the destination cloud’s user accounts.

Steps for Box Migration to Google Drive With Folder Mapping

Step 1: Clean and Organize Box Data

  • Identify the necessary user accounts to migrate and the folders/files within them. Filter unwanted or inactive user accounts to reduce the network load during migration.
  • Organize the folders/files and rename them to the Google Drive environment.

Step 2: Prepare the Google Drive Environment

  • Create the necessary user accounts and the applicable folder structure.
  • Ensure enough storage space can accommodate the data migrated from Box.

Step 3: Map data through Folder Mapping Feature

  • Configure Box and Google Drive in the CloudFuze webapp as source and destination.
  • Select the desired source folders/files within each user account and map them with the corresponding ones in the destination cloud using the’ Folder Mapping’ feature.

Step 4: Validate the Migration

  • Cross-verify whether the migration is successful by validating the results through migration reports and also by manually verifying data in the destination environment.

Folder data mapping is a simpler approach to selecting data granularly from Box to Google Drive. Selecting folders, sub-folders, and files takes a comparatively shorter duration and gives greater control over what data to migrate and what not to.

The folder display feature in CloudFuze for data mapping is highly beneficial in migrating vast amounts of data with numerous files and folders. Maintaining the folder hierarchy and identifying any misalignment in the destination cloud is also easier with this folder mapping functionality.

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