Simplifying Box Migration to Google Drive With Folder Display

Simplifying Box Migration to Google Drive

If your organization is planning for a Box migration to Google Drive, it is important to identify and implement efficient migration methods. One important aspect of the migration that is worth optimizing is the user mapping stage. The more streamlined the user mapping process, the higher the accuracy of overall mapping and the lesser time it takes to map all the available user accounts.

In this blog post, let us explore how CloudFuze’s folder display functionality can help simplify Box to Google Drive migration through a non-complex user mapping approach.

Significance of Folder Mapping For Box Migration to Google Drive

The traditional CSV user mapping approach helps map user accounts from the source to destination clouds. However, if your team does not want to go with CSV mapping and use other methods, CloudFuze’s folder mapping functionality is worth the try.

The folder mapping feature simplifies the process of mapping user accounts through folder selections. You can quickly identify the necessary folders/files, select them in the checkboxes, and map them with the destination cloud’s user accounts.

Steps to Use Folder Mapping For Migrating Box to Google Drive

Step 1: Clean and Organize Box Data

  • Identify the necessary user accounts to migrate and the folders/files within them. Filter unwanted or inactive user accounts and skip migrating them.
  • Organize the folders/files and rename them to the Google Drive environment.

Step 2: Prepare the Google Drive Environment

  • Create the necessary user accounts and the applicable folder structure.
  • Ensure enough storage space to accommodate the data migrated from Box.

Step 3: Map data through the Folder Mapping Feature

  • Configure Box and Google Drive in the CloudFuze webapp as the source and destination clouds.
  • Select the desired source folders/files within each user account and map them with the corresponding ones in the destination cloud using the’ Folder Mapping’ feature.

Step 4: Validate the Migration

  • Cross-verify whether the migration is successful by validating the results through migration reports and also by manually verifying data in the destination environment.

Folder mapping is a simpler approach to selecting data granularly from Box to Google Drive. Selecting folders, sub-folders, and files takes a comparatively shorter duration and gives greater control over what data to migrate and what not to.

Discover more ways on how our folder mapping feature can add efficiency to your organization’s overall migration. Or learn how other user mapping methods, such as CSV and auto-mapping, can work to your advantage. Contact our migration team for more details.

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