Benefits of Managed Migration to Copy Google Drive to SharePoint

Opting for a white-glove service (managed migration service) works well for companies planning an extensive Google Drive to SharePoint migration. The professional support of managed services helps streamline every core aspect of the migration and ensure complete success.

Use this post to learn about the business-centric benefits of CloudFuze’s managed migration service.

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1. Guidance During Pre-migration Analysis

Since pre-migration assessment shapes the overall migration roadmap, your company must avoid going wrong in any area. With managed migration, your company’s IT team benefits from extensive support in all core aspects of the pre-migration analysis phase, including:

  • Identifying and planning the users and data to migrate
  • Planning the SOW (scope of work) for the entire migration project
  • Planning the overall migration roadmap and timeline
  • Choosing the right features to migrate

With our managed migration service, you get complete support in preparing a fail-proof strategy for a secure, swift, and accurate Google Drive to SharePoint Online migration.

2. Assistance in Preparing the User Mapping List

The user mapping phase can be highly challenging for companies that plan to migrate a lot of users and the data linked to them. If your company needs to migrate a lot of users, take professional help from the managed migration team in these areas to avoid loopholes:

  • Finalizing the total number of user accounts to migrate
  • Mapping the users to the exact paths in SharePoint Online
  • Mapping the users to different paths in SharePoint Online
  • Validating the user mapping list CSV

Our managed migration teams guide businesses of all sizes in every step of the user mapping journey to ensure proper replication of the source user accounts in the destination. Learn more from them.

3. Complete Support in Preparing the Migration Infrastructure

A well-configured migration environment ensures complete success of the entire data transfer process from Google Drive and Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online. And with a managed migration service, businesses do not have to go through the challenges of preparing the infrastructure, including:

  • Using the right servers with proper hardware configurations
  • Performing sanity testing of the servers before activating them
  • Preparing the destination cloud (SharePoint Online)
  • Pre-provisioning Microsoft 365 accounts
  • Authorizing Google Drive and SharePoint to add them to the tool
  • Deploying the tool in an on-prem environment (for on-prem-based migrations)

By ensuring proper configuration of the migration infrastructure, companies benefit from a fast, highly secure, and zero downtime migration.

4. Support for Validation of Each Migration Batch After Completion

Validation is one of the critical activities that helps companies gauge the migration results accurately. If your IT team is not aware of all the KPIs (key performance indicators) for Google Drive and Google Shared Drives to OneDrive and SharePoint migration, choosing a managed migration service helps you get complete support in validating each batch after they are migrated.

Our managed migration team helps in checking all the core areas of migration reports to ensure proper validation.

5. Extensive Post-migration Support

One or more issues may occur even after the migration project is complete, during the post-migration stage. With a managed migration service, your company gets extensive support in overcoming challenges and resolving all issues.

Our dedicated managed migration team offers extensive support in the post-migration phase for critical tasks, such as decommissioning the source cloud (Google Drive).

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