5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Copy Files From Box to Google Drive

Planning to copy files from Box to Google Drive? You must ensure that the migration is well-planned and accurate, or your company may end up wasting a lot of time and money.

While the advantages of migrating from Box to Google Drive make it a viable option for all businesses, knowing the most common mistakes businesses make is critical. A Box to Google Drive migration project that fails to consider these mistakes could be time-consuming and costly.

Here are five common mistakes that organizations should avoid when moving files from Box to Google Drive.

1. Migrating All Data At Once

Migrate box to google drive

When you transfer files from Box to Google Drive, you may be probably unfamiliar with the data migration service provider. It is important to plan out your cloud migration in phases. If you start by migrating business-critical and confidential data first, any mistakes or risks caused during the migration will put the data at risk.

As a result, data should be migrated in batches to decrease the risk of disruption, increased expenses, or project delays.

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2. Missing Migrating File Permissions and Other Features

Migrating File Permissions from box to google drive

Migrating from Box to Google Drive is not just about transferring files and folders from Box to Google Drive. It includes migrating sharing permissions, version history, timestamps, comments, embedded links, and shared links.

But it is challenging for businesses to move data without missing its features. So, when you copy files from Box to Google Drive, you must ensure that you migrate all the features without any errors.

CloudFuze offers customized options for businesses to migrate the features they require. Contact us to get a customized migration strategy for your Box to Google Drive migration project.

3. Not Researching Deeply About Cloud Migration Tools

Cloud Migration Tools for box to google drive

There are several cloud migration service providers available in the market, so it is becoming challenging for businesses to find the best one. Choosing a migration service that understands your concerns and provides you with solutions to your core issues is the best idea.

When looking for a suitable cloud data migration solution, organizations must evaluate different factors, including security and compliance requirements, pricing, support, and migration features. Organizations can better research and identify solutions that work best for them by creating a list of necessary criteria.

With our state-of-the-art data migration tool, data can be effectively migrated from Box to Google Drive with an automated migration process and real-time reporting.

4. Not Considering Managed Migration Services

Box to Google Drive migration is challenging that typically requires expert assistance. Data migration issues become even more complicated as most IT teams lack migration skills and the bandwidth to tackle projects efficiently. A managed migration partner is one of the factors your organization must evaluate before selecting one.

A migration platform like CloudFuze offers managed migration services that assist you at every step of the process, from helping you to plan the migration properly and monitor and manage it effectively.

5. Neglecting Security Aspects During Migration

migration box to google drive

Migrating large amounts of business-sensitive data is complex to handle for any business. As a result, any data loss can cause severe damage to the business.

You must ensure that your data is safe from third parties and secure during the migration process.

Choosing the best migration service provider can ensure that your data is secure. However, you should discuss your security concerns with the provider before beginning the process.

Even if the migration service provider is responsible for your data security, you must ensure that it has robust security measures, regardless of how experienced they are.

CloudFuze offers the ability to migrate from Box to Google Drive securely and effortlessly while providing high-performance scalability.

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