5 Key Benefits of a SaaS Model for G Suite to OneDrive Migration

 G Suite to OneDrive Migration

Businesses that want to avoid using their internal teams to build methodologies from the ground up for their upcoming G Suite to OneDrive migration can benefit a lot from a SaaS migration model. The already-established processes of a migration service provider’s SaaS model can help streamline a lot of areas and move things faster.

This post explores the mission-critical benefits of using a SaaS migration tool for businesses for G Suite to OneDrive and other migrations.

1. No Need To Set up the Migration Infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges for businesses to perform a G Suite to OneDrive for Business or any other migration (using their internal resources) is setting up the migration infrastructure. Some of the core areas where IT teams often face challenges in setting up the migration infrastructure include setting up servers with the right configuration and deploying the migration tool.

However, with a SaaS migration tool such as CloudFuze X-Change, businesses do not have to go through the hassle. Using the migration vendor’s migration environment helps save time in streamlining the project’s security.

Many of our prestigious customers use our readily available and scalable migration infrastructure to their advantage in achieving their migration goals. Here is one Gartner Peer Insights review highlighting our SaaS model’s leverage to businesses.

2. Optimum SaaS-standard Support

Another key benefit of utilizing a SaaS model of a migration tool is extensive support in all phases of the migration project. For most businesses, data migration is not a recurring project. Their IT teams do not have deeper insights into it than they have for other undertakings, such as annual IT infrastructure maintenance.

Therefore, having access to extensive support from a professional and experienced migration team is a top priority. As part of helping businesses meet all their G Suite to OneDrive and other migration needs, our migration team at CloudFuze offers end-to-end support.

From assisting in strategizing the migration to troubleshooting every technical issue promptly, our managed migration team has helped businesses benefit from strong customer-focused support.

3. Simple Pricing Structure

Since a SaaS migration model eliminates the need for businesses to use their IT resources, the overall pricing structure becomes much simpler with lesser variables to consider. And the simpler the pricing structure, the easier it becomes to get approval from the finance team.

At CloudFuze, we maintain 100% transparency in project pricing by including all the costs in the pricing agreement to ensure that there are no additional unforeseen expenses. For example, we include overage charges that can build up when migrating file versions.

4. Streamlined Security and Legal Policies

Security and legal policies of SaaS migration tools are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. Therefore, it becomes hassle-free for the IT teams to ensure that all the proper security and legal policies are in place.

For example, UK and EU businesses working with a GDPR-compliant SaaS migration tool can ensure that their data residency obligation is not violated. Also, secure protocols of SaaS migration tools, including CloudFuze X-Change, ensure optimum protection at the data access level.

5. SaaS-based Usage Model Eliminates Annual License Commitments

Lastly, businesses do not necessarily have to commit to an annual license plan when using a data migration tool with a SaaS model. This way, they can optimize their migration project spending and gain higher ROI.

At CloudFuze, we help businesses get migration project budgeting right by offering tailored quotes. Our quotes include the number of user accounts to migrate, the size of the data to migrate, the type and number of features to migrate, and the type of tool customization required.

Request a free and no-obligation quote to get more clarity.

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