Transfer Slack to Google Chat While Retaining Message Threads

It goes without saying that continuity in message-based communication is the essence of collaboration between individual users and within their teams. And when it comes to transferring messages from chat apps like Slack to Google Chat, retaining the message threads shouldn’t be an oversight. It must be a part of your organization’s overall efforts to replicate Slack’s structure in Google Chat.

The High-Level Importance of Retaining Threads and Replies

Be it any form of communication, such as emails, phone calls, and in our context, messages, sequence is what creates the communication flow. Any changes/swaps between the sequence and the flow gets lost. Similarly, when transferring group and direct messages from Slack to G Chat, changes in the sequences, threads, after the migration is something that your IT team wouldn’t definitely want.

With this issue, you risk derailing the collaboration and workflow, causing a significant disruption in everyday operations. This, in turn, can have ripple effects and impact the clients dependent on your company’s products and/or services.

Retaining Slack Message Threads and Replies Accurately in Google Chat

With our Slack to G Chat migration tool, the entire process of migrating messages while retaining their threads becomes effortless and secure. Check out the steps in brief:

Step 1: Select the Slack Channels to Migrate

In our migration tool’s dashboard, select the public and private Slack Channels to migrate to Google Chat ( you must perform the first few basic steps to get to this Channel mapping step).

Select the Slack Channels to Migrate

Step 2: Select the Users and Messages to Migrate

Next, select the user accounts and the direct message pairs to migrate to Google Chat.

Select the Users and Messages to Migrate

Step 3: Monitor the Migration Progress

Monitor the migration progress in the Reports section and ensure all Channels and direct message migrations are completed.

Monitor the Migration Progress

Step 4: Validate Through Cross-Checks

For testing purposes, you can cross-check the message threads and replies in Slack and Google Chat to validate the accuracy of the migration.

Message threads in Slack:

Message threads in Slack

Replicated message threads in Google Chat:

Replicated message threads in Google Chat

Transfer Slack to Google Chat in a Secure and Streamlined Way

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