Transfer Files from Box to Google Drive with Incremental Changes

Transfer Files from Box to Google Drive

How prepared is your company to migrate the incremental changes while you transfer files from Box to Google Drive? Unlike a straightforward data transfer, handling this migration scenario requires a meticulously planned approach.

In this article, learn the nuances of performing a successful incremental or delta migration from Box to Google Drive and how CloudFuze can help you achieve it.

Significance of Incremental Migration

Companies often need to continue using their source cloud data during or after the initial data migration between two different clouds. It could be for various reasons, including customer communications or daily operations. To capture these latest changes in the destination cloud, you need to execute an incremental migration.

So, when your company plans to transfer files from Box to Google Drive instead of remigrating all the data due to certain changes. This ensures the target cloud mirrors the source cloud data maintaining integrity and business continuity.

What Factors to Consider During Box to Google Drive Delta Migration

Before proceeding with a delta migration when you transfer files from Box to Google Drive, your IT team must consider the following factors for a seamless data transfer.

Retaining File Features

Just as in the initial data migration between Box and Google Drive, you must decide which file features to retain while migrating the incremental changes. Planning this helps in achieving 100% data replication across the source and the destination clouds.

Even if it is a single file, knowing whether to preserve the version history, comments, metadata, permissions, etc., goes a long way in making the migration successful.

Box Notes

Box Notes is exclusive to the Box cloud platform but does not exist in other clouds. So, your IT team must prepare to handle the Box Notes transfer during incremental data migration.

Converting Box Notes into a compatible Word format allows for a smoother transfer without any technical glitches. Your internal team can automate this manual process using a third-party tool like CloudFuze.

Understanding Differences in Permission Levels

Transfer Box files to Google Drive once you get to know the differences between the permission levels across these two clouds. It will allow your internal migration team to verify whether there are appropriate access levels to the latest data between the two platforms.

Refer to the below table to compare the file/folder permissions available in Box and Google Drive.

Box Google Drive
Editor Editor
Viewer Uploader Editor
Previewer Uploader Viewer
Viewer Viewer
Previewer Viewer
Uploader Viewer
Owner Owner

Nested Folders

During or after the initial data migration, let us assume that the internal team creates a new nested folder in the Box platform that exceeds 20 levels. You cannot reflect this change in Google Drive as it does not allow creating nested folders beyond 20 levels.

You must use a third-party migration tool like CloudFuze to overcome this issue. It addresses this problem by creating a link with the “Long File” name in the 20th folder, which opens the 21st sub-folder.

Google Drive Storage Limits

You must consider the Google Drive storage limits when planning to transfer files from Box to Google Drive with incremental changes.

This prevents any data errors or migration failures arising from inconsistencies in storage limits.

All or Selective Delta Migration

When your team plans for a delta migration, understand that you can migrate all or selective records with the latest changes from the source to the destination cloud. This depends on business requirements and priority in deciding which updated records to transfer.

Having a granular approach to executing incremental migration saves the migration time and cost for your company.

Post-Migration Validation

Once your team executes the delta migration, you must validate the outcomes just as you would for a one-time migration. Compare the actual and expected results with the help of migration reports to identify and address any deviations from the desired outcome.

Why is the Manual Method of Incremental Migration Not Preferred?

It is a tedious and time-consuming task to perform the delta migration manually. It is painstaking to compare each and every source file with the target cloud data and identify the newly added or updated records.

This is why a competent migration tool like CloudFuze is the go-to option to execute incremental data transfer.

CloudFuze automatically scans through the source data and compares it with the destination data to quickly identify the records with the latest changes. This eliminates the hassle of manual work and saves your company a lot of time, effort, and cost.

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