Transfer Files from Box to Google Drive with Incremental Changes

Transfer Files from Box to Google Drive

When it comes to transferring files and folders from Box to Google Drive, it is not just about performing the migration one time but also about replicating all the incremental changes that the users make when the one-time migration is in progress.

In this article, learn the nuances of performing a successful delta migration from Box to Google Drive and how CloudFuze can help your team streamline the entire process.

Significance of Delta Migration

Companies often need to continue using their source cloud data during and after the initial migration as part of ensuring continuity in the overall operations. To migrate these latest changes in the destination cloud, your team must plan and perform a single or multiple delta migrations.

By transferring all the incremental changes, your team can ensure that the end users are able to access the most up to date version of their files and folders in Google Drive.

All or Selective Delta Migration

One of the strategic decisions to make whenn planning for a delta migration is to either transfer selective or the entire incremental changes from Box to Google Drive. If your team is on a time crunch to wrap up the migration or have will it constraints, it is best to transfer the incremental changes selectively. However, if there are no hard deadlines to compelte the migration project and if complete source cloud replication is the topmost priority, then your team cannot go wrong with migrating all the incremental changes of each user account.

Delta Migration Validation

After completing the delta migration, it is important to ensure proper validation, just as you would for the one-time migration. Compare the actual and expected results with the help of migration reports to identify and address any deviations from the desired outcome.

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