Transfer Data from Dropbox to OneDrive with External Shares

When migrating from Dropbox to OneDrive, organizations need to ensure that the external sharing permissions remain intact to make sure they don’t miss out on external collaborations. This is where CloudFuze’s capability to accurately retain external shares helps. This blog post explores the importance of migrating external shares from Dropbox to OneDrive and how CloudFuze caters to this need.

Why Migrate External Share Permissions from Dropbox to OneDrive Migration?

External shares help organizations freely collaborate with external users like clients, freelancers, and other stakeholders. However, if these sharing permissions are not retained during cloud office migration, organizations will risk losing the collaboration. And the manual re-sharing of each file/folder to the external collaborators can be unnecessarily time consuming and complicated.

Additionally, the organization will run the risk of data breaches and probable security challenges, which can be highly complex to resolve, resulting in significant financial losses. That’s why it is highly crucial to choose a reliable migration partner like CloudFuze to securely and accurately migrate external permissions from Dropbox to OneDrive.

How CloudFuze Migrates External Shares from Dropbox to OneDrive?

At CloudFuze, we help you to seamlessly migrate external shares from Dropbox to OneDrive. This prevents loss of access to shared content, and interrupted workflows. Below is the step-by-step approach to migrating external shares during a Dropbox to OneDrive migration:

Once you have added the source and destination account to your CloudFuze dashboard and have performed content mapping, you will see the “Options” dashboard like below:

External shares for Dropbox to sharepoint

Now, you’ll be required to select the “External Shares” option to perform the migration. In addition to the external shares which allow you to manage all your external sharing permissions, you’ll have access to other features like transferring versions, timestamps, comments, internal links, and embedded links. You can check and un-check permissions as per your requirements, to ensure no hinderance after migration.

Once you have finalized all the features to migrate, click on Next and you’ll able to preview all your migration mapping and features to ensure everything is rightly selected. You can start the migration when you are satisfied with the configurations.

Preview Dropbox to sharepoint

You can read more about migration here: How to Migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive

In conclusion, it is vital to ensure that the sharing permissions for all files and folders are kept intact after the migration. Our migration platform’s industry-leading functionalities make it secure and simple to perform the Dropbox to OneDrive external share cloud migration. Contact us to know how we can help with your cloud migration.

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