Filter Matched Users to Streamline Slack User Migration to Teams

When it comes to migrating messages, such as direct messages, from Slack to Microsoft Teams, the biggest complexity involved is authenticating the user accounts. And the more the number of user accounts to migrate, the broader the complexity.

However, we have launched a new functionality in our Slack to Teams migration tool that simplifies this process. Learn about it in this brief post:

Filter Matched Users to Simplify User Authentication

To be able to migrate messages from Slack to Teams, authenticating the user accounts is a must. However, doing this is not always a straightforward process. When you add your company’s Slack cloud with Primary Workspace admin’s login credentials, our migration tool fetches a list of all the users on Slack.

While this is generally a good thing, it can create complexities if your company is planning to migrate a selected number of user accounts instead of moving all of them. As such, segregating user accounts that are to be authenticated for the migration from the ones that are to be skipped becomes a challenge.

With our new Matched Users filter, you can overcome this issue effortlessly. In the Direct Messages stage of our migration tool, you can now filter “Mapped” users in both the source (Slack) and destination cloud (Microsoft Teams).

Filter Mapped Source Users

In the Source Users tab, select the Mapped option.

Mapped Source Users

Depending on your migration needs, you can either select all or specific user accounts to authenticate.

specific user accounts to authenticate.

Filter Mapped Destination Users

Switch to the Destination Users tab, and filter the Mapped users to authenticate.

Filter Mapped Destination Users

Select specific or all mapped users for the account authentication process.

mapped users for the account authentication process

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