How to Choose The Best SharePoint Migration Tool?

Choosing a SharePoint migration tool that’s suitable for your business’s migration needs involves more than just assessing the performance. Your team must check other capabilities of the tool, such as accuracy in replicating permissions, security, and more.

Here we have listed some of the primary features your team must look for when exploring SharePoint Online migration tools. Consider this as a starting point and ensure to check more features in the discovery process.

Permissions Migration for Preserving Shared Data Integrity

When planning to migrate shared data to SharePoint Online, it is a must that the tool you plan to use supports permissions replication. With this functionality, the SharePoint migration tool can help you preserve the access levels which, in turn, helps retain the collaboration between users in SharePoint Online post-migration.

At CloudFuze, we offer industry’s most advanced SharePoint migration tool that can help your team migrate all shared data, such as files and folders, with sharing permissions intact. With our tool, your team can:

  • Migrate root and inner level permissions in files and folders
  • Retain external shares in files and folders
  • Ensure the links do not break during the migration
  • Preserve file versions and shared links

Custom Mapping Options

The next important functionality to prioritize in a SharePoint Online migration tool is custom mapping. Many tools available in the market have the auto-map mapping option that maps source and destination cloud users with their email aliases.

While this feature seems a time-saving proposition, it may not be well-suited if your team is planning to customize the mapping paths between all or specific groups of users. This is where the option of custom mapping users comes in handy.

We offer the CSV mapping option which allows for fully customizing the user mapping paths. With CSV mapping, your team can:

  • Customize the mapping paths between users
  • Create paths to specific SharePoint Online Sites (libraries)

Download our user mapping white paper to learn more about the CSV mapping process.

Automated Resolution for SharePoint Online Restrictions

Another box to tick in your SharePoint Online migration checklist is to ensure that the tool you plan to use can automatically resolve certain restrictions in SharePoint Online, such as restrictions for specific special characters and file/folder names.

With this automation, your team does not have to manually make changes to the files and folders being migrated to compensate for the restrictions. This approach is recommended when choosing a OneDrive migration tool as well.

Top Tier Security

Security cannot be an oversight when choosing a professional SharePoint migration tool. Your team must check and ensure that the tool adheres to industry-standard security practices as a step to safeguard your company’s internal information throughout the migration journey.

Our tool helps migrate to SharePoint Online in the most secure way possible. By using the OAuth 2 protocol, we ensure our tool does not store any cloud login information. And the entire data transfer takes place through REST APIs.

We comply with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 regulations to create a favourable environment for secure data transfer. Learn more about our security.

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