Why Choose CloudFuze Over SharePoint Migration Manager?

For businesses planning to migrate content to Microsoft 365, the Migration Manager tool comes as an intuitive option to transfer shared data to SharePoint Online and individual data to OneDrive.

As a built-in tool, Migration Manager makes it possible for businesses to migrate their content over to the Microsoft 365 cloud suite without having dependencies on third-party tools. However, this option is not without its limitations, the most important being the planning and management of the entire migration.

Why do Businesses Choose Our Solutions Over Migration Manager?

Built-in migration tools, like the OneDrive and SharePoint Migration Manager, are great for businesses that have a robust internal IT team capable of undertaking the complex task of moving sensitive data.

However, many IT teams of SMBs and large enterprises aren’t well-versed in migrations. Therefore, they face a lot of challenges in navigating the complexities of strategizing and performing the data transfer process.

This is where our white glove service, managed migration, comes into the picture. With this service, a dedicated migration manager along with a team will be assigned to your business to assist your IT team in every stage of the migration process, including:

  • Pre-migration assessment
  • Test migration and validation of a pilot batch
  • User batch planning and segregation
  • Scope of work planning
  • Timeline planning
  • Change management planning
  • Features finalization
  • One-time migration initiation
  • Validation of every user batch post-migration
  • Delta migration initiation
  • Delta migration validation
  • Post-migration integration
  • Post-migration support
  • Decommissioning source clouds (if needed)
  • Go live

ROI From our Managed Migration Service

With our managed cloud office migrations, your organization benefits from a high ROI in the first year (of the migration) and subsequent years.

You can check out our Cloud Migration ROI guide and download the free-to-use ROI calculator!

Since we will take care of heavy lifting, your IT team can shift focus to change management and other crucial aspects of the cloud transition. With focus on the ongoing operations, your company is less likely to impact the end-users or cause disruptions in operations continuity.

Also, by engaging only the project managers from your company, you can save a significant amount of IT man-hours. And the more IT man-hours saved, the less the indirect expenses to your organization for the entire migration project.

Check out our cloud migration managed services guide that compares managed services, like our managed migration, with internal IT efforts.

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