Enabling Consolidations with Our Office 365 Migration Services

As a strategic Microsoft 365 partner, we at CloudFuze, offer one of the leading Office 365 migration services that enable businesses to consolidate their cloud operations into the cloud suite securely, without errors or inaccuracies. A major share of the positive reviews we get from our customers highlight the expertise we have in Microsoft 365 migrations.

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We have helped many large-sized enterprises, such as Warner Bros. Discovery, REHAU and Teach for America, successfully migrate to Microsoft 365 and consolidate into the cloud office suite. Explore our case studies.

How are we able to strategize and perform such complex, large-scale migrations for information-sensitive enterprises? What methodologies do we use to streamline the entire process and eliminate downtime risks? Which change management strategies do we implement to help such enterprises transition their large workforce without impacting their daily work routine and overall organization-wide operations? Uncover these details below:

One-Stop Solutions that Enable Large-Scale Microsoft 365 Consolidations

Over the years, our team has gone above and beyond working tirelessly to polish our value proposition as a one-stop Office 365 migration service for all sizes of migrations and consolidations into Microsoft’s cloud suite. We offer all types of migrations under a single roof to eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors that businesses previously faced. With industry-leading tool functionalities, we support:

  • Content migration (user accounts, files, and folders)
  • Chat messages migration
  • Email migration
  • Calendar migration
  • Microsoft 365 tenant migration
  • Digital whiteboard migration

Methodologies for Performing Large Scale Migrations and Consolidations into Microsoft 365

Since total consolidations into the Microsoft 365 cloud suite translates into migrating everything over, the datasets to be migrated over are in large sizes, in most cases. And the larger the migration workloads, the higher the risk of downtime, API rate limit throttling, and other technical issues. That’s why we implement the approach of performing the migration in batches.

This approach involves:

  • Finalizing the total number of user accounts to transfer to Microsoft 365
  • Segregating the total users into several batches
  • Mapping the user accounts (through CSV) batch-wise
  • Performing the migration of each user batch sequentially
  • Validating every user batch after its migration completion

Granularity in Preparing the Scope of Work

Another critical aspect of what makes our methodologies work for large enterprises is granularity. We encourage all our customers to take a granular approach when performing pre-migration analysis and prepare a migration scope of work that specifically suits their consolidation use cases.

From assessing the types and sizes of data to migrate to customizing the user mapping process through CSV mapping, our migration team has 10+ years of expertise in helping your organization adopt a highly granular approach during migration preparation.

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