A Lightweight Process of Moving Files From Box to OneDrive

When it comes to moving files and folders from Box to OneDrive, keeping the transfer process lightweight helps ensure that the entire transition is smooth and secure. By keeping the migration lightweight, your IT team can eliminate downtime risks and avoid end-user impact.

Here are some of the best practices you can follow to make the process of moving files and folders from Box to OneDrive lightweight, quick, and secure:

Migrating in Batches

One of the best ways to migrate files and folders with a lightweight approach is to transfer them in batches. This approach involves segregating the total number of users to migrate from Box to OneDrive in several batches.

For example, if you have a total of 1,000 users to migrate, then you can segregate them into five batches:

  • 1000 users ÷ 5 = 200 users per batch

This way, you can migrate the batches in sequences and lower the risk of API throttling.

Automatic Resolution for OneDrive Limitations

One of the biggest challenges of moving files from Box to OneDrive is that Microsoft does not allow certain special characters and words in file names. To overcome this challenge, automated solutions work the best as they eliminate human intervention which, otherwise, can be time consuming and prone to errors.

At CloudFuze, we have designed our Box to OneDrive migration tool to automatically resolve OneDrive limitations to ensure the entire migration is smooth and secure. To learn more about our tool’s functionalities, get in touch with our migration team.

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