vs. CloudFuze: A Better Alternative for Business Migrations vs. CloudFuze

For businesses and enterprises, manually moving terabytes/petabytes of data from the source to the destination cloud is out of scope. It is time-consuming and cannot migrate metadata and other features.

When choosing a SharePoint Online and OneDrive migration tool for migrating to Microsoft 365, businesses of all sizes have two options: either go for Microsoft’s free built-in tool, Mover, or a third-party tool like CloudFuze.

Basic or Feature-rich tool

As an IT admin or a decision-maker in your company, would you go for the free Microsoft migration tool or use a paid tool like CloudFuze?

This post discusses the differences between Mover and CloudFuze to help you make the right decision.

1. Migration Features (For Migrations Into Microsoft 365)

Since Mover is a free SharePoint/OneDrive migration tool and CloudFuze is a paid one, they have several differences between them.

As a free migration tool from Microsoft, Mover has several limitations. It does not support the migration of emails, calendars, mailboxes, site layouts, etc.

Note: This chart compares features for migrations into Microsoft 365 (migrating from source cloud to Microsoft 365).

Migration Features Mover CloudFuze
Individual file size migration Limited to 15 GB No limitations
Folder permissions Yes Yes
Created timestamp Yes, for Box, Google Workspace, & MS 365
No, for Dropbox
Yes, for all the supported source clouds
Modified timestamp Yes for Box, Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

No for Dropbox & Egnyte

Yes, for all the supported source clouds
Special characters unsupported in Microsoft 365 Remove Replace with (_) or (-)
400 characters path length limit in Microsoft 365 Skip and report in log files Trim to 350 characters, create a “LongFileName” folder, & dump the remaining data in it
Unsupported files and folder names in OneDrive Processed to acceptable versions Rename restricted names by adding (_) and migrate
Zer0-byte files migration No Yes
Convert Box Notes & Dropbox Paper to. DOCX Yes, for Box Notes
No, for Dropbox Paper
Yes, for all the supported source clouds
Incremental/delta migration Yes Yes

With basic metadata migration capabilities, all free Microsoft 365 migration tools, including Mover, aren’t suitable for large-scale and complex business data migrations where metadata, user account hierarchy, and folder structure retention is the core requirement.

2. Migration Speed

Migration speed matters. In fact, migration speed matters a lot to businesses that need to migrate their source cloud data to Microsoft 365 within a short deadline.

But whether it is Mover, CloudFuze, or any other migration tool, migration speed is not a constant. Here are some of the factors that influence the overall migration speed of any migration project:

  • Number of user accounts to be migrated
  • Overall size of the data to be migrated
  • Number of folders and files to be migrated
  • Data transfer encryption chosen
  • Resolution of the number of files, folder names, and paths
  • The number of times transfer rate throttling occurs

3. Security

Every single bit of company data is valuable and making even the slightest data security compromise is out of the question.

Here’s how the security features of Microsoft migration tool, Mover, and CloudFuze stack up against each other.

Security parameters Mover CloudFuze
Encryption AES-256 RSA-2048
Authentication OAuth OAuth
Direct password/key collection 256-bit AES RSA-2048 bits

Learn more about CloudFuze’s security here.

4. Support

CloudFuze offers enterprise-grade support with a managed migration service. Businesses of all sizes, especially enterprises, can save valuable time with the support by not having to manage every aspect of the migration project.

Businesses also get extended support from CloudFuze.

E.g., CloudFuze can help you connect with one of our past customers (having the same migration cloud combination as yours) through customer reference calls.

5. Pricing

As discussed above, Mover is Microsoft’s free migration tool, whereas CloudFuze is a standalone, paid migration platform.

CloudFuze does not have a fixed-rate pricing model as every business migration is different in terms of the number of user accounts to migrate, the size of data to move, and the specifics of migration requirements.

Our migration team can quickly get back to you with tailored pricing by looking at your company’s migration needs. Request us a pricing quote.

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