Google Drive vs. OneDrive Comparison for Businesses [2024]

Google Drive vs OneDrive


It goes without saying that Google and Microsoft are now leading the cloud storage migration space. Google Drive and OneDrive offer unparalleled benefits to businesses of all sizes with seamless integration with their respective cloud suite ecosystem.

Businesses planning to move out of their current local storage system or user-oriented cloud storage (e.g., Box, Dropbox) may find it challenging to choose between Google Drive and OneDrive.

This Google Drive vs OneDrive comparison guide is designed to help businesses choose the right option between the two.

1. Google Drive vs OneDrive: Pricing

A lot of the features that Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer are similar. Both cloud suites have similar apps as well. The stark similarities make the pricing of the cloud suites similar.

Google Drive

The Standard Google Workspace package that includes Google Drive and other apps that sync with it costs $12 per user every month in 2022.

Google Workspace pricing

Microsoft OneDrive

The Standard Microsoft 365 package that includes OneDrive for Business and other syncing apps costs $12.50 per user every month in 2022.

Microsoft 365 pricing

The Standard Google Workspace package is a tad more affordable than the Standard Microsoft 365 package and offers more apps. However, Microsoft 365 also offers high-value benefits with core office apps and Microsoft Teams.

2. Google Drive vs OneDrive for Business: Cloud Suite Features

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are two of the most robust cloud suite ecosystems in the market, and they share many similarities in features. For example, the syncing of native apps is similar in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Google Drive

Google Drive seamlessly syncs with Gmail, Calendar, Google Meet, and Google files in Google Workspace. The cross-app synchronization helps end-users (employees) and their teams improve productivity.

Google Drive collaboration

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business works in sync with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Office apps, and other apps in the Microsoft 365 suite. OneDrive for Business has the edge over Google Workspace with seamless syncing of OneDrive with Teams.

OneDrive Collaboration

Businesses planning Google Drive to OneDrive for Business migration usually move to Microsoft 365 to access SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, two of the most popular and powerful team collaboration tools.

3. Google Drive vs Microsoft OneDrive: Security

Enterprise-grade security is the core feature of any cloud suite that matters the most to any type of business. Google Drive and OneDrive offer world-class security, which is one of the primary reasons they are the two most popular business cloud suites.

Google Drive

Google Drive uses AES 128-bit encryption and supports two-factor authentication as optional. Files are protected with SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption when in transit.

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft uses AES 265-bit encryption in OneDrive for Business. This encryption is designed to be end-to-end and therefore secures idle and in-transit files. OneDrive also supports two-factor authentication.

Google Drive and OneDrive for Business ensure optimum security and therefore are ideal for business use cases.

4. Google Drive vs OneDrive: Support

Both Google Drive and OneDrive offer premium support for all paid users. Both Google and Microsoft have dedicated online knowledge bases as well.

Google Drive

Paying users of Google Drive can access 24/7 customer support through phone, chat, and email.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft offers 24/7 phone, chat, and email support to all OneDrive users.

The customer support of both cloud storage is one of the best in the market.

Wrapping up

Businesses planning to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive usually prefer Microsoft 365 for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. The features of these Teams and SharePoint Online are unmatched in the cloud collaboration space.

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