Move Egnyte to Google Drive and Ensure 100% Replication

Are you looking to move from Egnyte to Google Drive to make the cloud migration and storage task easier? Do you find the process to move Egnyte to Google Drive challenging?

CloudFuze provides seamless migration from Egnyte to Google Drive and ensures 100% replication to make sure that your organization focuses on business operations. Throughout the years, businesses have worked with us to migrate their Egnyte data to Google Drive for specific use cases, such as consolidating into Google Workspace, simplifying their cloud licensing structure, etc.

In this article, we will learn about the strategies to migrate from Egnyte to Google Drive.

Plan a Migration Strategy

The primary strategy to move Egnyte to Google Drive is the planning. This includes organizing your data, permission of root and inner files and folders, users’ permissions, removing unnecessary files and ensuring to check what are you going to migrate, where it sits, and the hierarchy structure as it is essential to ensure complete replication in the destination cloud.

Prepare the Migration Environment

Whether you need Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Migration or Google Drive migration, preparing the environment for hassle-free migration is important. When you have multiple users to migrate, it is best to follow the standard format mapping Egnyte users to Google Drive using the CSV mapping method. At CloudFuze, we can assist you in preparation and migration from Egnyte to Google Drive.

Migrate Files of All Types

Google Drive can support files of all types. When moving from Egnyte to Google Drive, you might encounter different file formats that need to be converted to collaborate effectively. Below are some file types that can be converted when moved from Egnyte to Google Drive.

Egnyte File Type Google Drive File Type
.docx or .txt Google Docs
.xlsx Google Sheets
.pptx Google Slides
.txt Google Docs

Our migration tool can be used to monitor migration and conversion of all file types after successfully transferring Egnyte to Google Drive.

Migrate All Egnyte File Versions and Timestamps to Google Drive

It might be crucial for businesses to migrate versions and timestamps from Egnyte to Google Drive. CloudFuze’s migration experts help to transfer versions and the latest timestamps as per the requirements of the business. Our migration process helps save time and cost and makes sure that all other key features like inner file permission, in-line comments, shared links and external links are migrated too.

Delta Migration

The essential part of replicating the Egnyte data to Google Drive is driven by the delta migration feature. This feature enables your IT team to accurately migrate all the incremental changes from Egnyte to Google Drive without having to perform the one-time migration all over again. Businesses are required to perform delta migration to transfer all the new changes to ensure 100% replication.

Review Reports for Every Step of Migration

To confirm all items and folders are migrated and mapped from the source system to the destination system, the business must review reports to validate the process. Also, make a list of files and folders that were not successfully migrated to help them migrate successfully.

Replicate Your Egnyte Data in Google Drive

If you are planning to move from Egnyte to Google Drive, our migration team can help you ensure 100% replication of Egnyte data and users in Google Drive while maintaining optimal security. Whether you would like to transfer Egnyte to Google Drive for some features or all the features, our business migration team will guide you.

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