Migrating to Teams While Keeping Slack Workspaces Active

Businesses migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams for the first time often have technical and process-related queries, which, if addressed, helps gain clarity. Is your IT team exploring migration solutions and have questions such as whether to work on Slack while migrating to Teams?

Read this post to get your migration process-related queries addressed in insightful ways.

Is It Possible To Migrate to Microsoft Teams While Continuing Work on Slack?

Yes. With migration tools such as CloudFuze X-Change, IT admins can move from Slack to Teams while users are actively using Slack Workspaces and public and private channels. CloudFuze performs Slack to Teams and other migrations (of all sizes) in the background via API calls that flows through cloud or on-prem servers.

The approach of migrating in the background helps ensure continuity in the daily work at the source cloud environment while avoiding disruption for the end-users (employees).

How To Migrate Slack Workspace While They Are Active?

Businesses of all sizes can migrate active Slack Workspaces to Microsoft Teams in a hassle-free way using CloudFuze’s market-leading migration capabilities. Since Slack Workspaces are part and parcel of Slack Channels and DMs, businesses get the flexibility to choose Workspaces and the Channels and DMs within them.

Here is an example of choosing Slack Channels of a particular Slack Workspace in CloudFuze’s migration webapp.

Slack Workspace Channels

Here is an example of choosing Direct Messages of a particular Slack Workspace.

Slack DMs migration

Avoid Working in Microsoft Teams During the Migration

Although there is no harm in using Slack when the migration is in progress, our migration team strongly recommends not to use Microsoft Teams in between the migration. Unlike Slack Channels, Slack DMs migration becomes accurate only when the message threads are precisely replicated.

So, when your organization’s end-users use Teams during the migration, the flow of DMs replication gets interrupted which, in turn, breaks the flow of the previous chats.

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