More Firms Are Migrating Box to Google Drive for Consolidation

Many organizations are opting to migrate from Box to Google Drive to consolidate data storage and collaboration tools and streamline the process. Google Drive offers a robust and versatile cloud storage solution, integrating seamlessly with other Google Workspacetools, such as Gmail, calendar, chat, docs, sheets, slides, etc., which are widely used for productivity and collaboration. By consolidating the data in Google Drive, firms can reduce the complexities associated with managing multiple cloud storage solutions.

In this post, we share some of the compelling reasons why organizations are switching from Box to Google Drive.

Cloud Consolidation

One of the most striking benefits of moving from Box to Google Drive is the ability to consolidate diverse cloud services of your company. Though Box excels as a cloud storage provider, it is challenging to maintain multiple cloud services, such as communication and collaboration tools, simultaneously.

Besides, moving to Google Drive allows you to have a seamless integrated system of office apps, including Gmail, Meet, Chat, etc., all under a single umbrella. This eliminates the need to switch between separate cloud platforms.

Simplified License

When you use Box storage, you might need additional cloud services for your organization’s email, chat, and other office productivity tools. Dealing with different licenses and their renewal dates and overviewing the compliance requirements become a hassle while working with various cloud services and tools.

Your team can eliminate maintaining multiple cloud licenses by moving from Box to Google Drive. This single cloud license of Google Workspace, including access to a comprehensive range of productivity tools, saves time on administrative tasks for license management.

Optimized Cloud Spend

Rather than spending separate license costs for different productivity tools and cloud storage, you can make it more cost-effective by adopting a single cloud office suite like Google Workspace. The Box to Google Drive transfer ensures you get an optimized cloud spend with flexible and economical pricing plans. Its pricing structure allows organizations to choose the best one that fits their needs while also allowing them to scale up or down as required.

Improved Collaboration and Productivity

Though Box has excellent storage features, toggling between different productivity platforms makes it difficult to use and hampers efficiency. Google Drive’s seamless integration with other G Suite applications and real-time collaborative features makes team collaboration more efficient and enhances productivity.

Security and Compliance

While Box has reliable security features, having all the productivity tools under a single platform facilitates better security monitoring and seamless compliance checks. Google offers top-notch security features and deals with the latest forms of data threats. It offers two-factor authentication, encryption at rest and during transit, secure mail extensions, and compliance with global data security regulations.

Both Box and Google Drive offer robust cloud storage features. However, the growing migration trend from Box to a more comprehensive cloud suite like Google Workspace highlights the business preferences of cloud consolidation.

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