Migrate Cloud Offices with the MOVE Methodology

The approach you plan to follow for your organization’s cloud office migration can make or break the entire project. Therefore, it is important to take the right decisions during the planning stage to address all the critical areas of the migration, such as scope of work planning, user mapping and batching, migration validation, and more.

While you can get information of each cloud office migration phase and the questions around them in our other blog posts, we have shared the fundamentals (we’ve named it MOVE) that can help your IT team set a solid foundation to strategize your organization’s migration project.

Migrate with the MOVE Methodology

M: Migration Management

Proper management is often overlooked during migration planning. We recommend not to overlook it to ensure that the entire migration process is smooth and seamless. Make sure to set up processes to manage the migration from the start to the project’s cutover and completion period.

  • Define migration management roles in your IT team, such as project coordinator, escalation point of contact, etc
  • Plan the steps to validate the migration using the tool-generated migration reports
  • Prepare in-house resources to onboard the end-users to the target cloud post-migration

You can further streamline your organization’s cloud office migration management with our managed migration service. Our managed migration team will offer end-to-end support and handhold your organization throughout the migration. This way, your IT team can avoid the complexities associated with the migration project.

O: Optimizing the SOW

The next MOVE fundamental to consider is to optimize the scope of work of the migration project. Depending on your company’s migration use case, your IT team may plan to migrate all users and data from the source cloud or migrate them selectively. Make sure to optimize the SOW as per the migration use case and the goals to achieve post-migration.

For example, if your company plans to completely move away from the source cloud(s) and consolidate everything into the target cloud, it is a must to build a comprehensive SOW that includes all the user accounts and their data. It is equally important to consider the migration of features associated with the user content, such as:

  • Internal sharing permissions
  • Sharing permissions of external collaborators
  • Embedded links
  • File versions
  • Folder and file hierarchy
  • Timestamps
  • In-line comments
  • Exclusive file types, e.g., Box Notes and Dropbox Paper

V: Validation of the Migrated Users and Data

Without proper validation, your IT team will not have full clarity on the accuracy and security of the migration. As part of planning the processes for the validation stage, make sure to segregate the validation as per the user batches and their one-time and delta migration.

Validate each migration batch after their one-time and delta migration to ensure all the user batches are migrated properly to the target cloud storage. We make the validation process hassle-free with our detailed migration reports that offer a full picture of the migration job with these parameters:

  • Total number of users migrated
  • Total data size migrated
  • Migration time taken
  • Status of conflicts and other errors

E: Expertise in the Specific Migration Path

Lastly, you cannot overlook the most important aspect that plays an integral role in determining your organization’s migration success, and that is expertise. When exploring migration partners, look for solution providers that have expertise in the migration path specific to your organization’s requirements.

Explore the past business customers that have been successful in migrating in the specific path (cloud combination) with the migration vendor. At CloudFuze, we have industry-leading expertise in helping businesses migrate to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace from 40+ leading clouds. Connect with our migration experts to understand how our solutions can work for your specific cloud office migration path and goals.

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