How to Move Files from Box to Google Drive in a Short Time

It can be highly challenging for businesses to move files from Box to Google Drive, which is among cloud storage and office suites. The bigger an organization is, the more challenging it becomes for IT admins to migrate data.

Below are some of the challenges that may delay the Box to Google Drive migration process:

  • Moving TBs or PBs of data
  • Migrating sharing permissions, versions, timestamps, shared links, and external links
  • Migration of files specific to the cloud
  • Throttling limits and API failures

The following are the five essential things IT admins should keep in their mind to transfer files from Box to Google Drive quickly.

Move Files from Box to Google Drive

1. Find a Migration Partner

Choosing the right tool can streamline planning and ensures a seamless migration process. Using a data migration tool reduces the time-consuming process of copying files from Box to Google Drive. partnering with a data migration service will not just save your time and resources but reduces migration errors.

Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you with your data migration? Try the CloudFuze data migration tool, which offers customized, fast, automated, and reliable solutions for your business migration needs.

2. Work Up Timelines

Understanding Google Drive API throttling limits is crucial to planning the migration project timeline. This helps in determining how quickly you can transfer data from Box to Google Drive.

You can move up to 750 GB of data per day per user from Box to Google Drive. So, when you have more users and less data they own, your migration will proceed faster.

Discuss the migration project goals you would like to achieve with your migration partner and estimate migration timelines accurately.

3. Migrate without downtime

Downtime is a significant risk when you move box data to Google Drive and delays the data migration process. With many users and data, you might experience more downtime when transferring data to Google Drive. But minimizing downtime is challenging during the migration process. You can drastically reduce downtime by working with experienced migration service providers.

CloudFuze offers dedicated SaaS servers to its customers for their migration projects, assuring zero downtime throughout the migration process.

4. Conduct Sample Migration Test

To migrate files from Box to Google Drive without delay, it is a best practice to identify issues before starting the migration. As a result, a robust test plan must be in place before beginning the migration process in the production environment.

To evaluate the tool’s performance, functionalities, and features, you should test migrating the data in the test environment first. A better understanding of the tool’s performance helps you understand how actual migration performs and go-live phases.

Request a demo and see how the CloudFuze migration tool can help you automate the migration process while moving sharing permissions, versions, timestamps, shared links, and external links.

5. Monitor the Migration Project

Transferring large amounts of data between two cloud providers is complex. Moving TBs and PBs of data to the Google Drive cloud can present unanticipated obstacles that can disrupt or delay your migration operation, even with the best migration tools. So, it is crucial to monitor the migration daily to spot and fix problems before they get out of hand.

CloudFuze assigns a dedicated migration team for every migration project. The team will keep track of the migration process and update customers’ daily project status through calls or emails of your choice.

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