How CloudFuze Can Help Companies Handle Remote Work Efficiently

What the coronavirus pandemic has done to the world is no secret. It has impacted almost everyone living on the planet in one or the other way. The pandemic forced many companies around the world to opt for remote work.
remote work efficiency

Cloud has never been so important

As workers around the globe increasingly work from home, the ability to access cloud-based collaboration platforms becomes increasingly important.

Challenging times for companies of all sizes

It may take months, if not, years, for the world to get back to its feet. Employees around the world will be working from their homes for more time than they first anticipated.

The following are the major problems most business leaders face concerning remote work.

  1. Reduced communication
  2. Losing track of data
  3. Increased risk of data loss or breach

Gaining complete control of data is key

Having data scattered among multiple platforms that do not allow for quick, efficient, and cost-effective sharing of files and documents is having a negative impact on employee productivity and company performance.

Companies need to standardize on one platform and quickly migrate data from existing platforms to their platform of choice.

This is the perfect time for any company to make the right ‘cloud move’. Businesses that still rely on traditional file systems must use a cloud service that provides both storage and collaboration facilities. Companies that are currently contemplating changing their cloud service provider need to make a decision quickly. This is just the beginning of the remote work trend that could last for months and years.

CloudFuze can help companies navigate this phase efficiently

CloudFuze, a leading cloud-to-cloud data migration provider, is here to help.  Using our industry-leading data migration tool to migrate data from over 40 different clouds, CloudFuze can have you up and running on your cloud of choice quickly and cost-effectively, whether you are migrating GB’s, TB’s or even PB’s of data.  We are with you every step of the way during your migration, ensuring it is happening on time and on budget, no matter where in the world the migration is occurring

Here are all the ways CloudFuze can help your business

  • Transfer files from one cloud service to another
  • Migrate content from on-prem to cloud
  • Sync data between cloud services
  • Cloud-to-cloud data backup

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