Enterprise Cloud Storage Migration

In today’s multi cloud environment, organizations have data stored across various cloud storage services. Most now feel the need for a consolidated storage provider with the IT admin controlling the data centrally. Hence, enterprise data migration is of significant importance as we move towards to a more organized cloud culture.

During migration, an IT admin wants at the very least the following assurances:

  • All data (irrespective of number of files, individual file size, and file type) will be migrated to the new storage provider securely
  • File/folder hierarchy structure will be maintained to ensure no loss of productivity for users
  • File sharing permissions are migrated so that there is no impact on collaboration within the organization
  • User friendly, intuitive tool allowing the admin to map users from source to destination
  • Reporting to give the admin full visibility as well as control over the migrations

Selecting the correct platform for an enterprise migration is therefore a daunting task for any organization!

Of the many options available in the market today, CloudFuze is the only solution that meets ALL the enterprise level migration requirements.

Some key features that elevate the CloudFuze Enterprise migration platform from that of its competitors:

User to User Cloud Migration:

CloudFuze will migrate thecomplete folder structure with all files from source cloud storage to destination storage.

Large Data Migration :

CloudFuze is a proven technology for large data migration ensuring smooth migration of data irrespective of its size ( individual file size as well as total number of files).

Unlimited Files :

The CloudFuze Enterprise Migration platform performs cloud to cloud transfer, without any indexing of metadata. This makes the tool independent of response issues for large number of files.

Accuracy :

A robust retry mechanism which ensures that any files that errored out due to storage provider issues are retried and successfully transferred. This is done without any manual intervention.

Security :

CloudFuze uses OAuth 2.0 and AES 24 bit encryption for secure migration of data. Furthermore, the migration technology adopted does not download any user files. This guarantees full data protection and security.

Simple Easy to Use Interface :

With a few clicks, the admin can initiate migration for his team. The migration could be for one member or the whole team at a time.CloudFuze lends a helping hand by intelligently mapping users in the source and destination for the admin.

Reporting :

CloudFuze offers detailed reporting of user migrations which is accessible through the admin console as well as email. In this way, an admin can track migrations from their initiation to completion.

Enterprise Customer Support :

Any queries/concerns? CloudFuze offers 24×7 customer support via chat as well as email. This makes it possible for an organization to get instant issue resolution instead of the drawn out cycle of support tickets.

Considering all the features above, CloudFuze is a must try platform for enterprise migrations! The competitive introductory prices offered further sweeten the deal for any organization looking for the best value for their money.

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