Copy Data From Dropbox to Google Drive Without Breaking Links

Copy Data From Dropbox to Google Drive

Is your company planning to migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive? During the planning process, it is crucial to address all the areas that raise security concerns, including the change of file/folder address during the migration that leads to broken links.

Check out this lightweight guide to learn about the approaches your company can implement to mitigate the risk of breaking links when migrating content from Dropbox to Google Drive (or from any cloud storage to another).

Why Do Links Break When You Copy Dropbox Data to Google Drive?

The main reason why links break when migrating files and folders from Dropbox to Google Drive is the change of address. Since the drive storage location changes from Dropbox to Google Drive, the links can no longer point to the original address, leading to the issue of broken links.

Since this issue occurs at every file and folder level, it often totals up as a complex issue collectively. It is crucial to address this issue to ensure that end-users do not get impacted, which, otherwise, can disrupt business continuity.

How Can Broken Links Affect Your Business Operations? 

Fixing broken links manually can consume a significant amount of time and effort of your internal team members, preventing them from contributing to more critical tasks.

Broken links can create several challenges:

  • It can affect your daily business workflows by restricting access to the necessary data. 
  • It can lead to a loss of user productivity. 
  • Fixing broken links can be costly. 

How to Copy Dropbox Data to Google Drive Without Breaking Links?

One of the best and most secure ways to move content from Dropbox to Google Drive is to partner with a cloud storage migration service provider, such as CloudFuze, that ensures link preservations during the migration process.

At CloudFuze, our migration team helps businesses move data of all sizes while eliminating the risk of links breaking. Organizations that have already had their links broken from a previous migration with another vendor can leverage CloudFuze LinkEx to fix the broken links without remigrating the files and folders all over again.

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