Cloud Storage Consolidation for Enterprises: The Way Forward

Are you a CTO, an IT manager, or a critical decision-maker looking to streamline and simplify your enterprise’s multiple cloud systems? Switching across numerous clouds, each with a specific purpose, is not only challenging but expensive to maintain. Cloud storage consolidation can help mitigate the issues of managing numerous clouds by migrating the data to a single cloud office suite.

Read on to learn about the significance of cloud office consolidation for your enterprise and what essential factors to consider.

Significance of Cloud Storage Consolidation For Your Enterprise

Though there has been a stark increase in the multi-cloud trend in most organizations because of flexibility, it comes with its own problems. Enterprises find dealing with a multi-cloud environment as one of their prime challenges as it increases data silos, makes data analysis too complicated, results in data duplication, and high costs associated with multiple licenses.

This is why most enterprises prefer consolidating their cloud data into a single comprehensive cloud office suite like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Some of the benefits of cloud storage consolidation include:

  • Reduced cloud license costs
  • Easier cloud management
  • Enhanced security and prevention of data loss
  • Improved data accessibility
  • Better compliance practices
  • Increased performance optimization

Factors to Consider for Cloud Office Consolidation

1. Data Compatibility in the New Cloud

When your enterprise plans to opt for a cloud consolidation, as an initial step, verify if the current data is compatible with the new cloud office suite that you intend to migrate to. Overlooking this step can lead to technical complications that might be difficult to address, rendering your migration efforts in vain.

2. Cost Implications

Though cloud storage consolidation saves money by reducing multiple licenses, you must know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For example, consider the migration, training, or downtime costs, along with the direct subscription price of the cloud office suite.

This way, you can measure if it fits your enterprise budget and verify if you can bring in the expected ROI.

3. Security

When embarking on the journey of cloud office consolidation, security, and compliance should be paramount among the factors to consider. So, it is essential to thoroughly assess whether the chosen platform provides robust security measures tailored to your enterprise’s specific requirements.

4. Scalability

While planning for a cloud office consolidation, consider if the new cloud suite can cater to the future goals of your enterprise. Choose a cloud service provider that offers better storage and bandwidth limits. You must be able to scale up or down flexibly based on your company’s fluctuating IT requirements.

5. Vendor Lock-in

There are some cases where enterprises encounter difficulties in discontinuing a cloud service. So, you must ensure that the cloud office provides a seamless exit strategy, making it straightforward to decommission without hidden charges.

6. Migration Service Provider

Choose a reliable cloud office migration service provider to transfer your enterprise’s cloud data to an integrated cloud suite. Ensure they offer flexible and customized migration plans that include email, messages, links, and data migration to move all the organizational critical data without missing anything.

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