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    Elevate Your Google Worskspace Experience with CloudFuze’s Managed Services

    Transform your Google Workspace management with expert support and proactive solutions.

    Maximize the benefits of Google Workspace for your business with CloudFuze’s comprehensive managed services.

    Services We Offer

    Make Our Google Workspace Managed Services Work To Your Company’s Advantage

    Get Google Workspace management right for your company at a fundamental and top-tier level with our Google Workspace Services.

    Google User Administration

    • Account Creation & Deletion.
    • Multi-factor authentication management
    • Password resets
    • Google Groups management
    • Role-based access management
    • Customized environment for your business

    User Onboarding & Offboarding

    • Streamlining onboarding roadmap and timeline
    • Consolidating Google adoption resources
    • Data archival when employee leaves
    • Transferring user ownership before decommissioning

    Employee Training

    • Training on to make most out of it.
    • Rigorous and regular trainings
    • Training by expert professionals
    • Trainings on Google, apps, services, cloud suite and its industry-leading features

    Manage & Reporting Google Workspace

    • Listing groups
    • Adding or deleting owners or members in bulk
    • Maintain hygiene by finding inactive groups
    • Reporting on external sharing
    • Manage Sharing Links
    • User auditing and admin activity auditing.

    Google Workspace license management & optimization.

    • Complete visibility and transparency
    • Detailed license reports
    • Comprehensive and significant information
    • Intuitive Dashboard
    • Proactively Optimized & managed license usage and cost

    Google workspace monitoring, maintenance & support

    • Ensuring uptime and performance
    • Dedicated support
    • Minimum downtime for maximum business continuity
    • Regular health checks for proper maintenance


    Google Workspace Managed Services is a comprehensive support and management solution for your Google Workspace environment.

    This service offers proactive monitoring and management, expert support, and improved security to ensure the optimal performance and stability of your Google Workspace applications and tools.

    Managing a complex Google Workspace environment can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for organizations with limited IT resources.

    Google Workspace Managed Services can help by providing expert support, proactive monitoring, and management to ensure the stability, security, and performance of your Google Workspace environment.

    CloudFuze offers a wide range of services with its Google Workspace Managed Services, including proactive monitoring and management, expert support and troubleshooting, guaranteed uptime and performance.

    CloudFuze does not ask any cloud account credential from the organization. Also, We do have a ticketing system in place through which CloudFuze will inform each and everything to the organization before doing any small operation. This way there will be a full track record for each and every small operation being done in your cloud account.

    We understand that unpredictable IT costs can place a challenge for your small, medium and large business. By outsourcing your Google Workspace Support, our fixed monthly cost will give you the predictability you need to effectively manage your budgets.

    Google Workspace Managed Service is also more cost-effective compared to hiring in-house technical staff. As Google Partner, we give you access to a large bank of expertise with a team of qualified technicians at your disposal.

    Google Workspace Managed Services can help your business by improving the stability, security, and performance of your Google Workspace environment. This can lead to increased productivity and collaboration among your users, streamlined operations, and reduced costs.

    Yes, CloudFuze offers flexible and customizable Google Workspace Managed Services packages to meet the specific needs of your business.

    Our team of experts will work with you to create a tailored solution that meets your unique requirements.

    Managed cloud services refer to cloud-based services and technical support to transform your business operations.

    Depending on your needs and goals, cloud managed service provider handles your monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery and more.

    Managed service providers can help you to devise a strategy that ensures secured data, maximized uptime, 24X7 monitoring and security along with prompt responses to issues during unforeseen circumstances to ensure a robust foundation for unhindered business continuity.

    Managed IT Services Provider will provide Cost Optimization Opportunities and you will have 24X7 Access to Expert Help

    Managed services provider takes responsibility for 24*7 monitoring, securing, optimizing and resolving problems related to cloud management.


    Streamline your everyday cloud administration & management for higher business ROI with our Google Workspace Managed Services

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