Cloud Migration Software for Migration of All Sizes & Complexities

At some point in time, almost all businesses need to make changes/improvements to the way they work online/digitally. And the use case can be an endless list, with cloud migrations being one of the most common.

We recommend reading this post to learn all things cloud migration software, why and how businesses use it, and how you can choose the best cloud migration tool if your organization has an upcoming migration project.

Introduction for Novice

Simply put, cloud migration software migrates various types of digital assets and data, such as user accounts, files and folders, emails, chat messages, and more. Additionally, cloud migration tools can transfer metadata such as file versioning, timestamps, permissions and access controls, and more.

The availability of the functionalities varies from one migration service provider to another. The same goes for the usage model of the software; many tools are designed to have a self-service model where IT team need to deploy the tool into their infrastructure while some are designed with the assisted model where a team of experts will help use and manage the tool.

Role of Cloud Migration Software in Enabling Businesses to Transform their Digital Workplace

Businesses, both small and large, are always looking for opportunities to improve the way they facilitate user/team collaboration, reinforce security, streamline compliance, and optimize expenses in their digital/cloud environments. And these necessities pave way for alternatives, i.e., other could platforms, such as cloud office suites, that offer better security, consolidated services, and cost-to-better-value propositions.

This is where cloud migration services come into the picture. Our cloud migration solutions and other migration services in the industry enable businesses to move away from their existing cloud platforms to other cloud suites that better suit them.

The way businesses migrate is as unique as their use cases. For example, companies that plan to consolidate into a single cloud suite often move away from almost all of their existing cloud platforms.

With the right cloud migration software, businesses can automate the entire process of transferring high-volume user accounts and data (of terabytes and even petabytes). They can:

  • Eliminate manual intervention in every process
  • Avoid manually retaining permissions and other metadata

What it Takes to Choose the Best Cloud Migration Tool?

A lot goes into choosing a cloud migration tool that is best for your business. Right from exploring the tool functionalities to analyzing security and pricing, your IT team must cover all grounds of research.

Here are the most critical factors to consider:

  • Capacity of the tool to accommodate large-scale for migrations of high-volume of data
  • Tool functionalities to ensure accurate replication of source cloud data through preservation of all types of metadata
  • Tool functionalities to overcome target cloud limitations, such as unsupported files formats, characters, and more
  • Security and compliance of the cloud migration software
  • Reporting functionalities, such as daily automated reports

Going Beyond the Software in Large-Scale Cloud Office Migrations

We take the process of migrating from one cloud to another (or from on-prem to the cloud) a step further with our managed migrations. This way, your IT team does not have to do the heavy lifting. IT teams inexperienced in cloud office migrations do not have to deal with the complexities of:

  • Planning the scope of work (e.g. what data and features to migrate)
  • Mapping all the user accounts in specific and accurate paths
  • Creating several migration batches
  • Performing the data transfer process
  • Validating every user batch upon migration completion
  • Streamlining change management and post-migration integration

With our managed cloud office migrations, a dedicated migration manager along with a team will handhold your company throughout the entire process to ensure you do not go wrong in any area.

Learn how our tool’s industry-leading functionalities, along with our managed migration, can help you streamline the entire process. Contact us for a free and no-obligation discussion.

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