Five Key Features to Look for in a Cloud Data Migration Tool

Five Key Features to Look for in a Cloud

Are you planning to migrate your cloud data from one service provider to another? To ensure a successful migration, you must pick the most suitable tool that aligns with your business needs. But choosing from the several data migration tools can be overwhelming.

This article discusses several important features to look for in a cloud data migration tool.

1. Cloud Compatibility

One essential feature of a cloud data migration tool that you must focus on is its compatibility with multiple clouds. It ensures there are no issues in moving data from your current cloud to another desired cloud platform.

CloudFuze’s data migration tool supports 40+ cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Egnyte, Citrix, etc.

2. Customization

Your organization’s migration goals will be different from why and how another company plans to transfer data. Based on the individual business goals, the tool must be able to offer customizations to the migration. Customization adds a whole lot of difference in optimizing the entire migration process with a tailor-made approach instead of a fixed solution.

3. Assessing the Technical Abilities

A critical factor to consider when you are shortlisting a data migration tool is its technical capabilities. A good cloud data migration tool must overcome the challenges in business-specific migration scenarios and cater to multiple use cases with no or minimal human intervention.

Some of the vital technical abilities to look for in a data migration tool are:

  • Conduct pre-migration assessments.
  • Move file features like version history, comments, metadata, permissions, etc., along with the data.
  • Migrate various data like emails, messages, links, and cloud-specific files like Dropbox Paper, Box Notes, etc.
  • Execute bulk data migration through batch processing.
  • Carry out incremental or delta migration.
  • Overcome migration challenges like API throttling issues, unsupported special characters or file names, file path length, etc.

4. POC

In your attempt to find the best migration tool for your business, verify if the cloud migration service provider offers a POC (Proof Of Concept) migration. It allows your internal team members to explore the different tool capabilities in real-time. It also helps you get a hands-on experience of how the tool responds to various migration scenarios.

5. Flexible Plans and Pricing

Another critical aspect to look for in a cloud data migration tool is its cost-effectiveness. It must also offer customized migration plans and pricing that cater to the different needs of businesses.

For example, your company might not require an annual subscription in case of a one-time migration need. It must have custom pricing for your specific business scenario that matches your migration goals.

6. Support

The migration tool must provide reliable support during and after the data transfer. It is one of the highly influential factors in why a company finalizes a migration tool.

The support team’s responsiveness and the short turnaround time in resolving any migration complexities play a crucial role in determining whether you can opt for the migration tool or not.

CloudFuze provides cloud data migration services for business users with varied needs. It also meets the above-discussed features essential in finalizing a migration tool.

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