Business Strategies to Move All Files From Dropbox to Google Drive

Move All Files From Dropbox to Google Drive

Moving all files from Dropbox to Google Drive can be time-consuming for any business. A single mistake in your Dropbox to Google Drive migration strategy could result in data loss.

So, how do you plan to complete a large-scale data migration successfully without disrupting the users and business? And what is the best strategic approach to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Here are the five best strategies to ensure you don’t miss any files when you move all your files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

1. Migrate All Google and Microsoft Files from Dropbox

Dropbox to google drive documents

The main objective of Dropbox to Google Drive migration is to move all files from Dropbox to Google Drive. You might have created and worked on different file formats in your Dropbox account. Thus, migrating all Dropbox files to relevant formats in Google Drive is critical to ensure a seamless user experience.

CloudFuze can help you easily move all files from Dropbox to Google Drive in the following format:

Dropbox Google Drive File Format(After Migration)
.paper .docx
.docx .docx
.xlsx .xlsx
.pptx .pptx
.gdoc .gdoc
.gslides .gslides
.gsheet .gsheet

2. Map the File-Sharing Permissions Appropriately

File sharing permissions allow you to manage access at the folder and subfolder level. If permissions are not migrated, there is no point in migrating files.

But the types of sharing permissions may vary from cloud to cloud. So, businesses need to understand exactly how permissions migrate during the Dropbox to Google Drive migration process.

CloudFuze, a well-built and simplest data migration tool, makes it easy to transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive while appropriately mapping users and their file-sharing permissions.

Dropbox Google Drive/strong>
Owner Owner
Editor Editor
Viewer Viewer

Table 1: Permissions mapping when migrating data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Dropbox Google Shared Drives
View Viewer
Edit Content manager

Table 2: Permissions mapping when migrating data from Dropbox to Google Shared Drives

3. Migrate Embedded Links of All Files

Employees usually share files with other team members to collaborate more effectively. At the same time, the shared files may contain embedded links that allow collaborators to access certain files and folders quickly.

Embedded links for Dropbox to google Drive

It is critical to migrate embedded links to keep up the same collaborative experience for your employees even after Dropbox transfer to Google Drive.

CloudFuze migration tool moves Dropbox files to Google Drive while copying embedded links that open in Google Drive after migration.

Dropbox to google drive embedded links

4. Migrate All Other Essential File Features

Dropbox to Google Drive versions

In addition to permissions and embedded links, there are plenty of features associated with Dropbox files and folders that a business needs to migrate to Google Drive together with the data.

  • Versions
  • Timestamps
  • External Shares
  • Shared Links

The CloudFuze migration platform allows you to pick and choose the features you want to migrate. Contact us to customize the migration options to fit your business-specific needs.

5. Migrate Incremental Changes

After the one-time migration is complete, businesses must perform the incremental migration (Delta migration). Dropbox to Google Drive migration might take several weeks to several months, depending on the data size. At the same time, your employees would be creating many new files or editing the existing files.

Dropbox to Google Drive Delta migration

Therefore, migrating all these changes is imperative for any business. An incremental (or delta) data migration process only migrates data that has changed since the initial one-time migration.

Using the CloudFuze data migration platform completes your incremental data migration faster and easier.

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