Retain Custom Metadata During Box Data Migration to OneDrive

Ensuring a complete replication when planning a Box to OneDrive migration requires organizations and their IT team to preserve all the properties of user data, including metadata. And in Box for Business, users have the option to add custom metadata properties to their files and folders as part of improving their collaboration processes.

With our content migration tool CloudFuze X-Change, your organization can migrate all the custom metadata parameters to OneDrive, apart from standard metadata, such as timestamps.

Migrate All Custom Metadata from Box to OneDrive

As part of your organization’s plan to ensure complete replication of Box in OneDrive through the migration, your IT team can migrate all the custom metadata of the entire files and folders in Box to OneDrive for Business.

Metadata from Box to OneDrive

In the Migration Options section of our migration tool, select Custom Metadata to preserve all the custom metadata fields that the users have created in CSV format.

CSV format box to onedrive

While you are at it, also make sure to choose all the features that your organization plans on migrating, such as file versions, embedded links, external permissions, and more.

ile versions, embedded links, external permissions

The custom metadata of the Box files and folders that our tool migrates will appear in this way in the target cloud (OneDrive):

(OneDrive) account

To demo the custom metadata migration feature, you can sign up for an account and request a business migration account.

Migrated Custom Metadata in OneDrive

After the migration completion, your IT team can access the migrated custom metadata and use them to structure the overall migrated data in OneDrive accordingly. This way, your organization can structure the change management process and avoid user impact.

Metadata in OneDrive

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