8 Benefits of Lift-and-Shift Migration for Enterprises and SMBs

Lift and shift cloud data migration

With Lift-and-Shift migration, businesses do not have to deal with the complexities of restructuring files and folders and rearranging user account hierarchies.

Apart from simplicity, several other benefits of the Lift-and-Shift migration strategy make the overall cloud data migration project lightweight.

In this post, learn about eight key benefits of the Lift-and-Shift migration approach for businesses of all sizes.

1. The Most Lightweight Migration Option

Lift-and-Shift migration is undoubtedly the most lightweight cloud data migration option. Since this migration approach involves replicating the source cloud data structure in the destination cloud, it ensures hassle-free project deployment.

Streamlining every pre-migration stage, including pre-migration analysis, becomes simple with Lift-and-Shift data migration.

Lift and shift migration

2. Works the Best for Meeting Short Migration Deadlines

Lift-and-Shift migration eliminates the complexities of reorganizing/restructuring data and therefore works the best for businesses with the need to complete the migration within a short time. Lift-and-Shift cloud migration helps meet short migration deadlines with:

  • Simple migration strategy planning
  • Simple user account mapping
  • Replicating collaboration in the destination cloud
  • Simple incremental changes transfer

Meeting deadline with Lift and Shift Migration

Lift-and-Shift migration approach also helps businesses meet short deadlines when migrating between two completely different clouds, such as from Box to OneDrive.

3. No Complication in Migrating Permissions and Other Features

Transferring sharing permissions and other features such as timestamps, versions, comments, and external shares is not complicated with Lift-and-Shift migration.

Migrating features with the Lift and Shift approach

With a proper Lift-and-Shift migration strategy, businesses can also migrate specific features, e.g., Dropbox Paper, to the destination cloud effortlessly.

4. Well-suited for On-prem Migration Environment

Lift-and-Shift data migration also works well in on-prem migration environments apart from cloud-based environments.

Lift and Shift migration in an on-prem environment

We have successfully helped prestigious organizations, including Michigan State University, migrate in an on-prem environment.

5. Addressing Complex Requirements Becomes Simple

Since Lift-and-Shift migration does not involve modifying data, addressing complex or specific requirements (e.g., migrating specific embedded links) becomes simple for businesses of all sizes.

We have helped our enterprise and SMB customers streamline specific migration needs such as retaining created timestamps, customizing user mapping, migrating specific file versions, etc.

6. Little to No Risk of Migration Disruption

The simplicity of the Lift-and-Shift migration approach significantly lowers the risk of data migration disruptions and loopholes.

CloudFuze’s migration platform has a built-in re-try mechanism that resolves folders/files that accidentally go into conflict. This feature helps businesses keep the risk of migration disruption at bay.

CloudFuze’s Re-try Mechanism

7. Does Not Interrupt Workflow in the Source Cloud During the Migration

Lift-and-Shift data migration is a copy-and-paste action, and therefore it does not make any changes to the source cloud data. Since the migration happens in the background, end-users do not have to pause their ongoing work in the source cloud.

8. Delta Migration Becomes Seamless

Lastly, one of the most crucial advantages of the Lift-and-Shift migration strategy is that it makes the delta migration stage seamless. Transferring all the incremental changes made in the source cloud becomes effortless with the Lift-and-Shift approach.

Despite the simplicity, the Lift-and-Shift migration approach requires proper planning. Check out this migration planning guide.

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