Users, Email, Links, & Data Migration Solution in A Single SOW

Are you a business owner or decision-maker looking to execute the mammoth task of transferring your digital assets to a new cloud storage? Moving user accounts data, emails, and links can be challenging, especially when you plan to execute them as separate migrations.

Such cases call for a comprehensive Scope of Work (SOW) with a single migration service provider that can cater to all your migration needs. In this article, check out some of the factors to consider that can make your company’s collective migration seamless and error-free.

Migration Solutions For Moving Various Components in a Single SOW

1. Partnering with a Versatile Migration Service Provider

You can simplify managing the migration of various types of assets, such as user accounts, emails, and links, in a single SOW by partnering with reliable migration service providers who offer this flexibility. These vendors specialize in various facets of cloud office migration and have experts to guide your business in the end-to-end process.

Based on the expertise, flexibility of plans, and reliability, shortlist the best migration partner to collaborate with your organization.

2. Performing Source Cloud Analysis

Conducting a thorough pre-migration analysis to audit user accounts, files and folders, and emails is highly important. Through the analysis, it will become easier to understand the structure of the source cloud apps, such as cloud storage, email platform, chat tool, etc. A high-level overview of your diverse data helps create an all-inclusive SOW without missing any critical aspects.

3. Filtering Unwanted Data

Identify if there are any obsolete or redundant user accounts and remove them before the migration. Clean up email inboxes and retain only the necessary emails by implementing custom filters like sender anime, receiver name, date, etc.

Skipping the migration of unwanted data helps optimize the scope of work and lower the overall migration spend.

4. Creating a Customized SOW

Once you shortlist the migration service provider, have open communication with them and plan and finalize the SOW that meets your business’s migration needs. Finalize what your company must transfer, the milestones and goals to achieve, and the migration roles and responsibilities.

Prioritizing these aspects will help track and manage the migration tasks better and align with the organizational goals and policies.

5. Prioritizing the Order of Migration

In an all-inclusive SOW for multiple migrations in tandem, explicitly plan the migration order. Prioritize your data transfer based on your business’s goals and how it impacts your end-users and clients.

The migration order also depends on the data dependencies and tasks that your company must complete in order to maintain business continuity.

6. Performing Post-Migration Validation

Perform post-migration validation for the migration of user accounts, files and folders, emails, and more, with the help of migration reports. Proper migration reports help validate the migration at a granular level which further helps assess the accuracy of the migration.

Migrating multiple digital assets is indeed a complex process that can be simplified with a detailed SOW and partnering with the right migration service provider. By ensuring meticulous planning and execution, you can successfully move user accounts, links, emails, files and folders under the same migration license.

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