Transfer Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 At Enterprise Level

Transferring users and data from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 at an enterprise level is a different ball game altogether. It requires meticulous planning to migrate TBs or even PBs of data and a high volume of users smoothly, without disrupting the ongoing operations and ensuring a high level of security.

In this post, we have shared several high-level insights into transferring Google Workspace data to Microsoft 365 at an enterprise level.

Transfer Users in Batches to Make the Migration Lightweight

One of the biggest priorities for business planning to transfer users from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is to segregate the total number of users to migrate. With this batch segregation approach, your IT team can:

  • Simplify the user mapping process
  • Keep the risk of API throttling at bay
  • Ensure 100% accuracy during validation

All large enterprises (and even SMBs) that have migrated with us have implemented the user batch segregation approach to streamline the entire user account and data transfer process.

Review Service Level Agreements Thoroughly

It goes without saying that enterprise-level large scale migrations, including Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migrations, have a broad scope of work. The more extensive the scope of work, the more the number of priorities. Therefore, reviewing the service level agreements (SLAs) between your company and the migration service provider is crucial.

Make sure that the migration vendor’s team is available for support throughout the journey. For optimal support, white glove migration services, including our managed migration service, work wonders in safeguarding the migration through end-to-end support. Our managed migration team handholds your organization in every step of the way, right from pre-migration planning to post-migration integration.

Consider Multiple Delta Migrations

Another important aspect of enterprise cloud migration strategy is to consider performing multiple delta migrations if a lot of incremental changes have piled up during the one-time migration. Transferring a lot of incremental changes in a single go can, at times, be complicated. Since most large enterprises schedule delta migrations during weekends, a single delta migration may extend beyond a single weekend if there are a lot of incremental changes to migrate over.

Transfer Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Successfully

Leverage our Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration solutions and streamline the entire transition while maintaining optimal security. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can meet your company’s specific migration needs.

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