An Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration is the transfer of data, including files, permissions, versions, comments, and timestamps. CloudFuze streamlines the Egnyte to Google Shared Drive file transfer and gives a smooth and hassle-free migration experience. Spend your valuable time on your business operations and make an error-free migration with CloudFuze’s dedicated migration team by your side.

1. Introduction

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape. While working from home used to be a benefit offered by some companies, it has now become usual for most.

While these transformations create new opportunities, they also present new obstacles for businesses striving to keep up to facilitate effective collaboration between the teams. Google Drive comes as part of a productive Google Workspace suite that offers a compelling solution to these business concerns.

With the possibility of real-time collaboration, while working remotely, an increasing number of businesses are planning to migrate Egnyte to Google Drive. But it is a big challenge for IT Admins to migrate the business data from one cloud to another without any errors and data loss. CloudFuze streamlines each step of the migration process with automation and dedicated team assistance, eliminating the complexity and time required.

This article walks you through a simplified error-free migration process to move files from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive. Otherwise, talk to one of our top skilled migration experts and learn how to make a flawless Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration in real time.

Watch the video below to learn how to transfer files from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive account by following simple steps.

2. Challenges Involved in Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Migration

Many companies are looking to migrate from Egnyte to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives to avail the benefits it offers. Both the platforms look similar where Egnyte has a “Shared” folder, and Google Drive has “Shared Drives”. But they differ in their data structure, file types it supports, and how you work on files collaboratively.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Migration

When migrating the data from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive, IT Admins must note that you just not migrate folders and files, but all the permissions, versions, comments, and timestamps associated with it which is vital for your business to maintain. Moreover, Google Shared Drive has certain limitations that limit your data migration from Egnyte.

  • Only accepts 750 GB of data per user per day
  • Supports up to 20 levels of nested folders and beyond that can’t be migrated
  • Permission levels are completely different compared to Egnyte

All the things together create challenges for IT Admins to transfer files from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive.

3. Overcoming the Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Migration Challenges

As we’ve seen, migrating data from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive can present several challenges. Fortunately, third-party tools can tackle these challenges and migrate the data as you require. All you just need to do is invest your time and effort in finding the right data migration tool that can handle Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration challenges and support your business migration requirements.

4. Choosing the Right Solution for Your Migration Project

There are not many migration tools available that support Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration. Being a Google Technology Partner, CloudFuze has the most experience in helping businesses across the globe to migrate Egnyte to Google Shared Drive successfully.

Our dedicated migration team can help you transfer Egnyte to Google Shared Drive without compromising on data and its features and your day-to-day business priorities even more significantly.

egnyte to shared drive

CloudFuze also assures that your Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration is safe and secure without any data breaches.

5. How CloudFuze Helps Businesses Migrate Egnyte to Google Shared Drive

CloudFuze migration platform takes only a few days to a few weeks to complete the migration process that would take months to years in manual migration. It can migrate all file types with the permissions, versions, timestamps, and comments.

The tool migrates and maps the permissions structure of Egnyte with Google Shared Drive as follows:

Egnyte (Permissions) Google Drive (Permissions)
Full Content Manager
Owner  Content Manager
Editor Contributor
Viewer Viewer

The tool migrates all file types existing in your Egnyte Shared folder to Google Drive as follows:

Egnyte (File Type) Google Drive (File Type)
.txt .txt
.docx .docx
.xlsx .xlsx
.pptx .pptx
.csv .csv
.pdf .pdf
.png .png
.jpg .jpg

CloudFuze data migration tool is capable of handling and overcoming Google Drive limitations.

  • If the data uploading limit of 750 GB per user per day is reached, the tool automatically processes and migrates the data the next following day, and the process continues.
  •  If you have more than 20 levels of nested folders in your Egnyte Shared folder, the tool migrates all of it and creates a link with the “Long File” name in the 20th folder that redirects to the 21st folder.

On partnering with CloudFuze, you will be assigned a dedicated migration team that completely takes care of your migration project saving IT Admins time to focus on their daily priorities.

The tool sends regular updates on the migration status to the admin by default. You can customize the people who should get notified on the migration process while initiating. At the same time, you can also get updates through calls from our team at your preferred time.

6. CloudFuze Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Migration Platform Features

With years of experience in data migration between multiple cloud platforms, CloudFuze understands the business needs and developed a tool that simplifies and accelerates data migrations. Below are

  • Supports one-time migration
  • Supports delta migration (incremental changes)
  • Migrates all users
  • Migrate all file types
  • Migrate versions
  • Migrate shared links
  • Migrate comments
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Automatically bypasses Google Shared Drive limitations
  • Sends email notifications to the user for each file/folder migrated
  • Handles errors automatically and streamlines the migration process
  • Send regular updates on the migration status via emails

Schedule a free demo and experience the benefits of CloudFuze migration platform features in real-time.

7. Prerequisites for Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration

To copy files from Egnyte to Google Drive, you must have the below prerequisites:

  • CloudFuze account login credentials (Enterprise trial account available on request)
  • Egnyte admin login credentials
  • Google Drive admin login credentials

8. How to Migrate Egnyte to Google Shared Drive

You can move files from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive without losses and delays by following the below steps.

Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

A CloudFuze account is needed for migration. CloudFuze provides a free limited trial on its website. Besides, we can also provide a custom enterprise trial upon request.

CloudFuze Webapp

Step 2: Add Egnyte Account

Locate the Egnyte logo listed under the business clouds. Click on it.

Locate Egnyte

Step 3: Authorize Your Company’s Egnyte Account

Upon clicking the Egnyte logo, a popup will appear where you need to enter your Egnyte’s login/access details. Once entered, click on the Allow Access button to complete the cloud-adding process.

Authorize Egnyte account

Step 4: Add Google Shared Drive Account

Now, search for the Google Shared Drive logo and click on it. Then, enter admin login credentials of your G Suite account. Please note that Shared Drives will not have separate login information.

Locate Google shared drive

Step 5: Authorize Shared Drive/GSuite Account

Click on the allow the button to complete the cloud-adding process.

Authorize Shared Drive/GSuite Account

Step 6: Verify Cloud-Adding Process Success

Click on the Clouds icon in the left menu bar. Go to the Manage Clouds tab to check whether Egnyte and Shared Drive accounts are added there. If successfully authorized, both clouds should appear there.

Verify Cloud adding process

Step 7: Initiate the Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration

Click on the Team Migration icon to transfer files from Egnyte to Google Shared Drive. Please keep in mind that you need to configure a few things before the actual migration begins. Therefore, clicking on the Team Migration button doesn’t start the migration right away.

Egnyte to Google Shared drive Team Migration

Step 8: Select Source and Destination Accounts

Select Egnyte as the source and Google Shared Drive account as the destination.

Select source and destination clouds

Step 9: Upload CSV File

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive migration can only download by the CSV method. Create a list of users to be mapped in the source and destination in an excel sheet and upload it to CloudFuze. Note that CloudFuze’s migration team takes care of much of this work in a managed migration scenario. If you would like to see how the CSV works in real-time, request a demo.

Upload CSV

Step 10: Validate the CSV File

Download the CSV file and select the file and click on the Next button. If CSV format is correct, CloudFuze will validate it and prepares users for migration.

Validate CSV FIle

Step 11: Choose Your Preferences

Give the migration job a name so you can remember it easily. Enter any additional email address that you wish to receive notifications besides the one email that used to create the account.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive Job Options

Step 12: Select Migration Options

Select job options, job type, and then click on the Start Migration button. Ideally, you would select the Job Type as a one-time.

Preview to Start Migration

Step 13: Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Is in Progress

This status indicates that the migration is currently in progress. CloudFuze’s dedicated migration teams send daily in-depth details about the progress of migration via email for business users.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drive In Progress

Step 14: Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Has Been Completed

Once the status appears Processed, it means that the migration has been completed successfully. CloudFuze provides a full migration report so you can assess and check the accuracy of the migration.

Egnyte to Google Shared Drives Migration Completed

CloudFuze provides a dedicated migration and technical support team for business users. In an ideal managed migration case scenario, much of the work will be handled by the CloudFuze’s team, providing IT managers and admins peace of mind.

Start Migration Now

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