Filter Matched Users for Slack User Migration To Google Chat

Businesses need to vet the user accounts to know if they need to migrate only specific users or all users before choosing Slack to Google Chat migration. The migration of a small number of user accounts is easy, but the complexity is high when the number of user accounts goes high.

Filter Matched Users for Slack User Migration to Google Chat

Source user account authentication is mandatory to migrate from Slack to Google Chat. However, authenticating all the users when you want to move only specific users can seem complicated. Hence, our migration tool is designed to handle your requirements of moving only selected users.

Without a feature-rich Slack to Google Chat migration tool, organizations may have to go through the full list to skip the authentication of user accounts that do not require migration.

To overcome this challenge and save time, we have introduced the ‘Mapped’ filter feature on our tool to filter matched users for Slack user migration to Google Chat. Here, the source users are selected using the ‘Mapped’ feature and are migrated to the destination cloud.

Selecting All Users

In the below image, when the ‘All’ option under Source Users is selected, it will allow you to choose all the users to migrate from Slack to Google Chat.

Selecting All Users

Selecting Only Mapped Users

In the Source Users section, the ‘Mapped’ option is selected.

Selecting Only Mapped Users

Now, select the specific user accounts you want to migrate to Google Chat from Slack as shown below. You can then authenticate the selected users accounts for the migration.

Selecting Specific User Accounts

You can leverage our tool to overcome Slack user to Google Chat migration challenges and achieve your business goals. At CloudFuze, we make your migration journey smooth and seamless. Contact our experienced experts for tailored solutions.

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