Vendasta Becomes the First to Move from Slack to Google Chat

With the latest advancements in Google Chat, Vendasta decided to move away from their Slack environment and embrace Chat as part of consolidating into Google Workspace. The need to ensure total replication of Slack, including memberships, Channels, group and direct messages, and more, created several challenges for Vendasta. With our industry-first Slack to Google Chat migration solution, Vendasta was able to achieve their migration goals.

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Customer Overview

Vendasta is a technology company that provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform, designed to help businesses efficiently manage digital solutions like marketing, billing, and task management, particularly catering to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges

Vendasta had the mammoth task of migrating over eight years’ worth of Slack data to Google Chat which presented several challenges. The availability of only developer preview version of Google Chat API at the time of migration created performance limitations.

CloudFuze’s Role

Through Google Workspace collaboration, we developed the industry’s first Slack to Google Chat migration path. Our migration team provided Vendasta with end-to-end support in performing the migration without any downtime while ensuring total replication of their Slack environment in Chat. From segregating Channels to migrating over 1.2 million messages with complete accuracy, our team ensured that the project did not have any loopholes.

CloudFuze's Role
Migration Results

Migration Results

Vendasta was able to securely transfer eight years’ worth of Slack data to Google Chat without facing any performance compromises. As a result, they became the first to migrate from Slack to Google Chat in the industry and were able to consolidate into Google Workspace.