1. Introduction

Businesses planning to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive must move all the important Google Drive data while transferring critical information linked to the data, including permissions, metadata, shared links, versions, and embedded links.

Data in Google Drive

Migrating Google Drive files along with the sharing permissions and other features to Microsoft 365 helps companies improve business process outcomes.

This article discusses Google Drive to OneDrive migration and is primarily intended to help IT admins. If your company is planning to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 (OneDrive for Business), please continue reading the article.

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2. Challenges to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive

Google Drive and OneDrive for Business share a lot of similarities, but at the same time, they have differences in between them as well. One of the noticeable differences is character and file/folder names support.

Microsoft 365 does not support specific special characters in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Unsupported special characters

Microsoft 365 also does not support specific file and folder names in OneDrive for Business:

Unsupported file names

With a migration tool like CloudFuze, you can transfer Google Drive to OneDrive and have files and folders automatically renamed to versions that OneDrive for Business supports.

Other technical challenges for businesses to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive include:

  • File path limitation of 400 characters in OneDrive
  • Converting file formats of Google Drive apps to Microsoft-supported formats
  • Migrating embedded links
  • Updating new changes on the files and folders migrated to OneDrive
  • Bandwidth throttling set either by Google or Microsoft

3. Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive with CloudFuze

While many technical challenges can be common to all businesses, some can be unique. But whether common or unique, all technical challenges can complicate the entire migration project.

CloudFuze helps businesses of all sizes move files from Google Drive to OneDrive (and between other clouds) securely (with hosting options) while adhering to the project deadline.

CloudFuze Xchange USPs

Our migration team is dedicated to helping Enterprises, SMBs, and MSPs create cloud migration success stories with managed migration.

Capability Managed Migration Regular Migration
Platform Availability
Technical Support Enterprise-Grade Support
Dedicated Migration Manager and Team X
Pre-Migration Analysis X
Project Planning Assistance X
Project Management with IT Teams X
Migration Monitoring and Issue Escalation X
Daily Reporting and Status Updates X
Migration Best Practices Guidance X
End-User Coordination and Support X

4. Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Features

CloudFuze not only transfers files from Google Drive to OneDrive but also migrates users, sharing permissions, folder structure, and many other Google Drive features.

With CloudFuze, businesses planning to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive get these competitive advantages:

  1. Unlimited terabytes of data transfer
  2. Automatic user mapping/CSV and manual mapping
  3. Auto-retry mechanism to mitigate throttling errors
  4. Smart features to handle OneDrive filename errors
  5. LDAP/AD integration
  6. Dedicated account manager and migration team
  7. Available as SaaS platform or can be installed in your own cloud or data center
  8. One-off license as opposed to monthly subscription
  9. ITSP/MSP licenses
  10. Migration project planning and execution

CloudFuze vs. Competitor Migration Tools

Migration Features CloudFuze Competitors
One-time migration Yes Yes
Delta migration Yes Yes
Root folder permissions Yes Yes
Inner folder permissions Yes No
Root file permissions Yes No
Inner file permissions Yes No
Versions Yes No
Special characters replacement Yes No
External shares Yes No
Embedded links Yes No
Shared links Yes No
Timestamps Yes No
Long folder path Yes No

5. Steps To Migrate Data From Google Drive to OneDrive

The following steps show how to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive.
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Step 1: Log into CloudFuze

Create an account and log into CloudFuze to add your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts to migrate data.

Signin to Webapp

Step 2: Add Google Drive to CloudFuze

Add your company’s Google Drive (Google Workspace / G Suite) account by clicking on the G Suite logo. The G Suite logo can be seen in the business clouds list.

Step 3: Enter G Suite Admin Login Credentials

Now, enter the admin login credentials of your company’s G Suite account.

Step 4: Grant Access to CloudFuze

For moving Google Drive to OneDrive, CloudFuze requires access to your G Suite account.

Please keep in mind that the access is granted via OAuth and your data is completely safe. CloudFuze only uses API calls to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Step 5: Add OneDrive for Business Account

The next step is adding OneDrive. You need to click on the OneDrive for Business logo in the business clouds list and enter your company’s Microsoft 365 admin login credentials.

Step 6: Enter Microsoft 365 Login Credentials

Enter your company’s Microsoft 365 admin login details. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to move from Google Drive to OneDrive without admin credentials.

Step 7: Complete OneDrive Authorization Process

Click on the Accept button to complete adding your company’s OneDrive to CloudFuze.

Step 8: Check Whether Clouds Are Added

Go to Clouds -> Manage Clouds and check whether Google Drive and OneDrive accounts are added. If you find a cloud missing, you need to add the cloud once again.

Step 9: Click on Team Migration

To copy Google Drive files to Office 365 (OneDrive), click on the Team Migration icon and follow the next steps.

Step 10: Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Since you are trying to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, select Google Drive as the source account and OneDrive as the destination account.

Step 11: Map User Accounts and Prepare Them for Migration

CloudFuze has a feature called Auto-map that automatically matches and pairs user accounts in Google Drive and OneDrive based on the usernames/email aliases. It saves a lot of time and prevents the need to manually map user accounts.

You can select all the users in your Google Drive account or go with a few if you want to migrate users in batches.

Step 12: Select Users to Migrate

As a part of the demo, we chose to migrate one user from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Step 13: A Final Few Migration Options

You can give the migration job a name and select migration time. Besides, you can add email IDs of coworkers who needs to get migration updates.

Step 14: Start the Process to Transfer Google Drive to OneDrive

Check everything and click on the Start Migration button. This will start the actual process to move Google Drive to OneDrive.

Step 15: Google Drive to OneDrive Migration is in Progress

CloudFuze displays the status as ‘In Progress’ during the file migration. At this point, you can pause and resume the migration. You can even cancel the migration altogether.

Please keep in mind that CloudFuze will not delete any file in your Google Drive account if you decide to cancel the migration. However, files that were already migrated to OneDrive will remain there until you delete them manually.

Step 16: The Migration Is Completed

CloudFuze displays the status as ‘Processed’ once all the files in your Google Drive account are migrated to OneDrive. You and your team can log into OneDrive accounts and validate the data.

6. Google Drive to OneDrive Migration FAQ

1. Are all Google files converted to Microsoft files during Google Drive to OneDrive for Business migration?

Yes. CloudFuze converts Google files such as Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets to respective Microsoft files, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. CloudFuze does this while retaining all the comments, timestamps, version history, and sharing permissions.

2. How do I move Google Forms to OneDrive for Business?

Google Forms is an exclusive feature of Google Workspace and cannot be migrated to OneDrive for Business or to any other apps or services within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. However, moving data associated with Google Forms to OneDrive for Business is possible.

One simple step is to transfer Google Forms data to Google Sheets and then migrate those Google Sheets to Microsoft Excel in OneDrive for Business.

3. What happens when folder paths in Google Drive exceed the 400-character limit of OneDrive?

CloudFuze trims paths with 400 or more characters to have 350 characters. Following this step, CloudFuze creates a long file name and will dump the rest of the data into that folder.

4. What happens to connected apps in Google Drive when migrating Google Drive to OneDrive?

Since many connected apps in Google Drive are exclusive to Google Workspace, they cannot be migrated. And since OneDrive for Business currently does not have a feature to directly integrate apps, 3rd party apps synced with Google Drive cannot be migrated.

However, with manual intervention, it is possible to download data from the connected apps and migrate them via Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

5. What will happen to Google Workspaces under the ‘Priority’ tab?

Google Drive displays Google Workspaces in a proprietary way under the ‘Priority’ tab.

Google Workspaces

However, at the core, Google Workspaces are similar to other standard folders in Google Drive. Therefore, it is possible to migrate the standard folder form of Google Workspaces and the files that are in them.

6. To transfer Google Drive to OneDrive, what timestamps to retain?

With CloudFuze, you get the flexibility to either migrate created time or modified time of Google Drive files and folders.

7. What will happen to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that have “Public on the web” access?

Public google files

CloudFuze will migrate all Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with “Public on the web” access as respective Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) with the ‘’Anyone with the link” can view or edit access.

Microsoft sharing settings

8. What’s the best way to combat bandwidth throttling/rate limits set by cloud storage providers?

In most cases, migration bandwidth throttling occurs when more files are being moved in a given time frame. So, it is best to comply with the waiting period to re-migrate the files.

CloudFuze has an auto-retry mechanism in place that automatically pushes re-migration after the waiting period is over.

9. Will migrating shared files disrupt file access?

No, since CloudFuze uses a copy-and-paste action to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, access to files that are currently being transferred to OneDrive will not be affected in any way.

10. How will commenters be migrated from Google Drive to OneDrive?

CloudFuze will migrate commenters on Google Drive as viewers on OneDrive.

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