How Are Large Enterprises Migrating from Egnyte to Microsoft 365

Moving high volumes of data from Egnyte to Microsoft 365 at an enterprise level is not an easy task. Data migration strategy for enterprises must involve a thorough analysis of the amount of data to be migrated to overcome challenges. Your cloud migration partner can play an integral role in fine-tuning the plan to migrate files from Egnyte to Microsoft 365 securely and seamlessly.

At CloudFuze, we have worked with large and renowned enterprises worldwide and have created successful strategies to assist enterprises in securely migrating files from Egnyte to Microsoft 365, similar to migrating from Egnyte to OneDrive. We will delve deeply to help you understand how large enterprises have been migrating from Egnyte to Microsoft 365.

1. Large Enterprises to Migrate High Volumes of Users and Data in Phases

Large enterprises can securely migrate huge volumes of files from Egnyte to Microsoft 365 in several phases. This approach includes the following action items:

  • Segregating the total number of users to be migrated into smaller batches.
  • Transferring the user batches in a phased manner
  • Validating each user batch after they are migrated to Microsoft 365

The above approaches allow large enterprises to perform user mapping and validate each user mapping pair to:

  • Mitigate risks of wrong mapping
  • Eliminate inaccuracies and data loss
  • Reduced API throttling
  • Reduced manual intervention

2. Segregating and Consolidating – A Common Practice Among Enterprises

The common practice observed in the large enterprises include –

  • Consolidating all the data including our files and folders, timestamps, versions, permissions, and embedded links into a single cloud suite like Microsoft 365

We have the expertise to help your large-scale enterprise perform a complete migration to Microsoft 365 from Egnyte that not only involves content/data migration from Egnyte storage but also secure transfers of chat messages, emails, and more. This way, your company will not miss out on any data during migration and ensure that your transfer is safe and successful. Customers in the past have opted to consolidate to a single cloud suite because of:

  • Less operational costs
  • Enhanced team/user collaboration
  • Simplified licensing structure
  • Robust security and compliance

3. Cloud Change Management & Ensuring Data Validation

Change management for large enterprises is vital. To embrace the cloud, change leaders must utilize and implement a structured approach and procedures to prepare and equip employees and users to adapt to the change successfully. With an effective change management approach, enterprises will be able to meet their goals and timelines.

If change management is one aspect enterprises must handle, validation is another crucial consideration to ensure data is accurately migrated to the destination location. Enterprises can check the following parameters during the validation stage –

  • Start date and end date of data migration
  • Source and destination path of files and folders
  • Data size and conflict status reports of every file and folder
  • Data migration reports copy

Our cloud migration experts can collaborate with your IT team to design key change migration strategies that will benefit your enterprise, stakeholders, employees, and users.

Partnering with an expert migration vendor can change the way your organization operates. To migrate Egnyte to SharePoint online with replication, we can assist enterprises with tailored solutions.

We will meticulously evaluate your organizational needs and assist you with tailored solutions. Connect with our cloud experts today to understand Egnyte to Microsoft 365 migration process.

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