Migrate Slack to Google Chat with Message Attachments

When planning to completely migrate Slack to Google Chat and consolidate into Google Workspace, prioritizing attachments in messages migration cannot be an afterthought. Not only are attachments critical data, but they also are an integral part of the conversational flow in the messages, enabling end-users to collaborate with internal teams and external collaborators smoothly.

Explore this post to get a high-level overview of the streamlined process of retaining attachments when migrating group and direct messages from Slack to G Chat with our migration tool.

Planning the Scope of Attachment Migration for Your Company

As it is with planning the scope of all the migration action items, your IT team must assess and plan the scope of migrating the message attachments. To streamline the scoping part, analyze multiple variables, including:

  • The total number of messages to migrate
  • The types of messages to migrate (DMs and group messages)
  • The types of attachments to migrate

In almost all Slack to Team messages migrations we have done, businesses have taken an all-inclusive approach to ensure accuracy in the migration of the attachments. With our Slack to Google Chat migration tool, your IT team can migrate all the attachments without corrupting their formats or breaking their links.

Our tool’s attachment migration functionality can be a key needle-mover for your IT team if your organization is looking forward to accurately replicating the Slack environment in Google Chat.

Migrate Attachments from Slack to Google Chat with CloudFuze

We make it effortless to migrate message attachments in a high volume without security and performance compromises. We have laid out simple steps that you can follow using our tool:

Step:1 Map the Channels

Map the public and private Slack channels to the relevant destination spaces in Google Chat. Migrating the channels translates into moving all the messages, attachments, and other features within them.

Channel mapping

Step 2: Map the Direct Messages

Next, map the DM pairings to migrate them over to Google Chat while having the attachments and other message features restored.

 Direct Messages

Step 3: Monitor the Migration Progress

After starting the migration process, make sure to monitor the progress. The Reports dashboard will display the “Completed” status after all the user accounts, messages, attachments, and other features are migrated over to Google Chat.

Migration In Progress

Messages along with attachments in Slack:

Messages along with attachments in Slack

Migrated messages and attachments in Google Chat:

Migrated messages and attachments in Google Chat0

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