Microsoft to Sell Teams Separately: Will it be More Accessible?

The chat messaging/video conferencing landscape is set to see some significant changes as Microsoft has decided to sell Teams as a separate app worldwide. This essentially means that Microsoft Teams will not necessarily be an exclusive part of the Microsoft 365 cloud office suite.

Will Microsoft Teams be More Accessible?

Does the standalone availability of Microsoft Teams mean that it will be more accessible? Will more early-stage start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses consider using the standalone versions of Teams?

The likelihood is high as the barrier to entry is low. With the unbundled Teams, businesses can now test the waters before fully committing to a Microsoft 365 business plan.

This new change can also enable businesses to use Microsoft Teams with their existing cloud storage and integrate it with other cloud applications. And with Microsoft Teams migration solution providers like us, businesses can eliminate the friction in embracing the collaboration infrastructure of Teams.

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