How to View Analytics in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a detail-oriented analytics dashboard within the Teams application that helps employers, managers, and even employees get powerful insights into their productivity. These insights can be accessed by any Office 365 user who is currently using Microsoft Teams and be a member or owner of at least one internal team. Follow these simple steps to access Microsoft Teams analytics.

Step 1: Log In to Your Microsoft Teams

Open the Teams application and enter your Office 365 login credentials. Note that you must actively be a part of a Team (within the Microsoft team) to be able to perform this action.

Step 2: Click on the Manage Teams Icon

Click on the Teams icon on the left navigation menu. Locate the setting icon at the bottom of the app and click on it. It will open the list of all available teams and concerning controls. Note that the ability to control a team depends on your privileges. If you are an owner of the team, you can add new members to it. You can edit or delete it as well.

Step 3: Click on a Team That You Want to Check Analytics

To view analytics and activity, you must select a team from the list of available teams. If you are a marketing professional and if you would like to check the internal activity within the team, you need to select the marketing team/channel.

Step 4: Choose a Time Frame

In addition to selecting a predefined time frame, you may select a custom date range using the calendar.

Step 5: Select Your Preferred Team

Choose your team from the list of available teams.

Step 6: Click on the Management Team Icon

Locate the ellipsis icon next to the team and click again on the Manage Team icon. Note that this option will be visible to even members of a team.

Step 7: Click on Analytics

Locate the Analytics option on the top of the window and click it. This displays the team activity in a nice visual format. You can view the summary, engagement metrics, active users, and active users by role.

Step 8: Check Engagement Graph

This graph shows the number of posts, replies, mentions, and reactions.

We hope you found this article on Microsoft Teams useful and helpful.

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