How to Copy Dropbox Files to Google Drive With its Version History

Dropbox Files to Google Drive

File versioning is crucial for any business with multiple people working on the same file. You can restore prior versions of your files using Dropbox’s version history. But what if you are migrating data from Dropbox to Google Drive? How do you copy file versions and other features along with the data?

The article helps you understand all you need to know about the file versions and how to move them along with the data when transferring files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

What is File Versioning?

Multiple revisions and approvals are often included in document-based projects. Additionally, documents may undergo edits over time. A new version of a file is created each time you edit or modify it, and the previous versions are stored in your source system.

Why is File Versioning Important?

Have you ever worried about which version of a document is the correct one? File versioning is used by all users, whether they are dealing with their team members or external client. Within the range of the version history, you can restore any old version of your files.

For example, if you mistakenly removed a few paragraphs from a document you require, you can restore the file to a prior version that had the paragraphs. Also, whenever a client asks for a document, you or one of your team members can locate the correct version quickly and share it with them.

So, it is essential for any business to move all files from Dropbox to Google Drive without losing history.

How to Copy Files from Dropbox to Google Drive With File Versions?

With CloudFuze, you can migrate versions in the easiest way possible. The greater the number of versions, the longer it will take to migrate the data.

As the number of file versions might impact the migration timeline, CloudFuze migration platforms allow you to choose the number of versions you want to migrate.

As shown in the image below, the migration options that appear during the migration setup allow you to specify the number of the latest versions you want to migrate or choose to migrate all versions depending on your business objectives.

For example, if you opt to migrate five versions, it will migrate the last updated version and the four preceding versions.

Copy Files from Dropbox to Google Drive

Besides, you can choose the other features you want to migrate along with the data.

The below example gives you a clear picture of how CloudFuze migrates Dropbox file versions to Google Drive.

1. Version history of a file in Dropbox

Version history of a file in Dropbox

2. Dropbox file versions migrated to Google Drive

Dropbox file versions migrated to Google Drive

CloudFuze has proven experience handling complex Dropbox to Google Drive migrations for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Request a demo with one of our migration experts and get a detailed overview of the complete migration process.

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