The AI Battle is On: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

AI is no longer a buzzword; it has reshaped how people interact and businesses function. Organizations are finding ways to incorporate AI into their existing workflows to optimize them and enhance productivity.

Two leading tech giants – Google and Microsoft, have announced the launch of their own AI solutions, Duet AI and Copilot, integrated within their cloud suites – Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

In this article, we dissect both AI solutions, highlighting their capabilities and benefits to assist businesses in choosing the most apt one for their needs.

Google Workspace Duet AI

Google Duet is an AI solution integrated into Google Workspace apps, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, etc. With natural language prompts, it helps users streamline and improve their everyday tasks like composing better emails, creating documents or slides, and more. It leverages Machine Language algorithms to predict and respond to user requirements precisely.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an intelligent AI solution integrated into the Microsoft 365 cloud suite. It interprets and functions proactively to automate tasks and improve productivity. It leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) positioned to boost efficiency and work seamlessly across various Microsoft 365 applications.

Apart from delivering unmatched intelligent solutions in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, it also delivers support in the form of Business chat. Using this feature, you can direct it to send a message to your colleagues about the recent project updates based on emails or chat threads.

Google Workspace Duet AI vs. Microsoft 365 Copilot: AI in Gmail and Outlook

Duet AI in Gmail

Duet AI in Gmail provides users with writing assistance using the Help Me Write feature to help draft or improvise emails and send contextual replies based on previous email threads.

Copilot in Outlook

Apart from the feature to draft or enhance emails in Outlook, Copilot seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps to improve Outlook usability. For example, it can pull relevant information from Calendar, Teams, or Word documents for a more efficient email composition.

While Duet AI excels in drafting quick email responses, Copilot bridges the integration gap between Outlook and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Google Workspace Duet AI vs. Microsoft 365 Copilot: AI in Google Sheets and Excel

Duet AI in Google Sheets

With Duet AI integration, Google Sheets now makes it faster and more precise for users to work with their data. Users can lower or even eliminate manual data entry as the Duet AI integration improves data contextualization and classification in each cell. Also, the new ‘Help me organize’ feature enables users to automatically create custom plans for various types of activities, such as tasks and projects.

Copilot in Excel

The integration of Microsoft 365 Copilot in Excel makes it simple for users to analyze the data. Users are no longer limited to just formulas when it comes to interacting with/managing data, as Copiolt-Excel integration allows users to work with their data through language prompts.

Google Workspace Duet AI vs Microsoft 365 Copilot: AI in Docs and Word

 Duet AI in Docs

Google Docs brings several new writing features with Duet AI integration. With these features, users can create drafts using the ‘Help me write’ feature by using prompts that describe the type of document they want to create. The Duet AI integration also simplifies other document creation tasks, such as making changes to the drafts.

Duet AI extends this feature in languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, etc., apart from English.

Copilot in Word

Copilot integration in Microsoft Word helps users create document drafts with prompts. Performing other actions, such as editing and summarizing the drafts is also made easier with Copilot. Apart from that, users can also leverage the new AI integration to work with existing documents.

Both Duet AI and Copilot deliver similar functionalities in creating content with auto-suggestions and formatting options.

Google Workspace Duet AI vs. Microsoft 365 Copilot: AI in Slides and PowerPoint

Duet AI in Slides

Duet AI in Slides introduces several new capabilities that make it easier for users to create presentations. For example, users can generate images for the presentations with prompts using the ‘Help me’ visualized feature.

Copilot in PowerPoint

Similar to Duet AI in Slides, Copilot in PowerPoint brings the feature of helping users create presentations with prompts.  Users can also use prompts to format text and make adjustments to the layouts. Copilot in PowerPoint also makes it impossible to convert existing documents to presentation decks.

Both AI solutions offer similar outputs in creating business decks that create a solid impact.

Google Workspace Duet AI vs Microsoft 365 Copilot: AI in Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

Duet AI in Google Meet

Duet AI in Google Meet allows users to turn on captions to view subtitles when other attendees are speaking; the feature goes a step above by offering real-time caption translations. It also helps summarize the meeting based on the discussion, making it easier to follow up. Also, Duet AI allows users to pick from a range of unique virtual backgrounds for meetings in remote work.

Copilot in Teams

Microsoft 365 Copilot’s powerful AI capabilities in Teams make it simple for users to create and manage meetings. Users can create meeting agendas based on chat history. With the new AI capabilities, it is now easier for users to create meeting summaries. Users can also catch up on the meeting-related tasks they have missed with the new AI features.

The AI functionalities of both Duet and Copilot are evolving at a constant pace, both with the shared intention of improving user productivity. Choosing between Duet AI and Copilot will likely vary based on specific business requirements and the gaps that need to be addressed.

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